May 16, 2015

[REVIEW] Bornprettystore golden nail art stickers

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion. 

Hello my loves! Today I have the pleasure of presenting you totally amazing decals by bornprettystore. You can find them here or via item #17408. You can get them in gold or in silver and they come on a rather big sheet as you can see below.

There are some small stickers and as well some which you stick on you're whole nail. Unfortunatelly I have rather small nails so I can only use the smallest two stickers of each row. They are really much bigger than my nail. The one you can see her is the biggest size.

The sheet has approx. the length of a A4 sheet but is a bit smaller in width so you really have a huge variety of things you can stick on your nails. You get everything for about 3,71$ on

As always feel free to use my coupon code when you order something online. Who doesn't want to get a 10% discount?!

Now time to show you how to use them. Basically they are stickers so all you need to to is gently pull them off of the sheet, but be careful the edges break easily! Then you simply place them on your nails. They do look super elegant and from a high quality.

Items used:

she #115
essie "big spender"
essie "matte about you"
heart shaped stickers

I already made three designs this week and this one is the first one. I wanted the decals to stand out on it's own. 

I mattified the white polish before I placed the stickers on the nails. I really like the stickers a lot because they look super shiny.

You want to see a close up of the sticker? Oh yes you do!

The stickers are a bit thicker as I normally know them but in this case this is really good. As you can see in my next design that you don't see the edge anymore if you top the decals with one layer of top coat. 

Here I have a second design for you which is a so called saran wrap mani. I know it's not everybody's taste but I do like it a lot. 

Items used:

KIKO #328
KIKO #386
KIKO #448
essence I <3 TRENDS "07 bubble bath"
saran wrap
triangle shaped stickers

For getting the background I painted a white base and then I randomly placed different dots of polish and pushed a saran wrap on the nail. It should looks like this and yes it's really messy so don't forget to tape you fingers or use liquid latex or my DIY peel off base for a easy clean up.

Then I again placed the golden nail art stickers from bornprettystore on two nails and baaam it looks super quickly super chic. Ready for a closeup?

With a top coat on top you can't see any crossover from the stickers to the polished base. 

I really like these stickers a lot so I even did a third design. Oh yes I know, it's a picture heavy post today.

Again a saran wrap design so not many words are needed I guess. This time I used diamond shaped stickers.

Items used:

essie "mademoiselle"
Sally Hansen "460 Perfect Pear-ing"
KIKO #327
essie "big spender"
essence the gel nail polish "144 wild white ways"
saran wrap
diamond shaped nail art stickers

Same procedure as above. Here I just wanted to show you which amazing stickers you can find on this sheet. This week I'm going to do another design with these stickers so stay tuned!


All in all I have to say that I really really like them. I wore them fore three days without any lift up of the sticker which I normally have (this is the reason why I normally don't wear any nail art stickers). I don't know how long they last because after three days I just took it off. They are really great an the gold as well as the stickers stays on my nails as it's suppost to do. So thumbs up for this product! 


  1. These are gorgeous! Such fun stickers! I love the two saran wrap designs you did a lot :)

    1. Wow you commented quickly hahaha. Thank you a lot.

  2. Oh my! I need these! Love what you made with them. Especially the first one, so romantic!

    1. Those are really great and they last so very long