May 6, 2015

A mix and match stamping design

I know I should have posted this design earlier today but I was so busy that's why I'm sitting here at almost midnight and show you my last design for my graduation (design #1, design #2 and design #3). You may also ask why I added blue here. The thing is that I fear that it could be cold so I added a blue jacket to my black dress with the golden belt.

Luckily I have so many different blue shades that I had the exact same shade as my jacket is.

I have to make this post short today. Really need to go to bed now so time for the items I used:

Items used:

Color Club "Where's the soiree"
essence I <3 TRENDS "09 you're so beautiful"
KIKO #448
essie "matte about you"
Nailfun "perly gold"
studs by bornprettystore
MoYou stamping plate "Fashionista 07"

After the basecoat all the nails were painted in a different color as you can see on the picture. The black naills were topped with a matte top coat and then I stamped a golden pattern on it which should fit my dress.

Because I wanted the studs to fit my design (I have them in gold and silver) I painted them with the gold and blue polished I used for this design here. It was harder than it looks. I think it was the most difficult part of my desing here hahaha. I placed it on the nails with a bigger drop of top coat.

Although I painted the golden stud in the same color as the stamping design I'm not so sure if it fits together so I took it off and took some pictures without the golden stud.

NOW IT'S TIME TO TELL ME YOUR FAVORITE DESIGN. You can eighter go on Instagram and tell me your favorite design or you do it here in the comment box below! Love to hear what you think. 


  1. OK this one is a nice one too, but I already have a favorite one and that is nr.2. I am extremely curious what will be your final choice!

    1. I'm also so curious what I'm going to pick. I'm still not sure which one I like most