Apr 30, 2015

Watercolor nails

Girls, girls, girls! What a fantastic day today. I had to do an interview for a presentation about an innovative company and I got an appointment at Philips today. It was so amazing, the people were so friendly and I heard so much insteresting stuff. Don't even know how to sort all my 100 different thoughts I have about all the things I heard.

Nevertheless another design with my DIY sheer tints was on my list and I could easily make them fit the appointment today ;) so wait and see.

Items used:

essence the gel nail polish "33 wild white ways"
DIY sheer tints in red, blue, yellow and green

(later on a cup of water, scissors, sheet of paper)

One coat of white polish was my base - still not so happy with the polish. I don't know if I do something wrong of if I just grapped a bad bottle and the others are fine or if generell the new formula is totally differnt. It still rather thick and bulky and it won't become my favorite polish.

After my base color I randomly places spots of my sheer tints on my nails to get an abstract water color look. Each nail looked different and that's what I liked most about the design.

I'm really amazed how well this selfmade polishes work and how much I like them. They offer so many possibilities.

For my appointment I wanted to have the logo on my ring finger and my thumb and I didn't want to paint it by hand because I doupted that I can manage to do it perfectly. I remembered that Kirsten made a social media design with a kind of printing technique lately so I tried to make it too.

You print out your logos you want and cut them out but remember, the more accurate you cut them out, the better they look later on.

Then you put it in a cup of water and wait for about half a minute and then you can rubb off the white back resulting in a kind of nail art sticker. Kirsten cut if out of a new paper but for me it also worked out with printed logos. I applied a layer of top coat and places the sicker on it and finally I sealed the whole design with another layer of top coat.

Nobody recognized my nails, or at least nobody told me anything while the interview but I have to say I didn't expect it. I really liked to have it on my nails today, it lookes like I would have really cared about the company, what I really did. 

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