Apr 26, 2015

Stamped roses behind a curtain

Hello my lovelies! How are you doing?! I'm done with a quite busy week. It's my first day where I don't have to go to university this week and the weather is so fantastic today so I just had to sit outside in the garden, drinking a glass of fresh orange juice and I thought it's time to write a blog post. But it goes slower than I thought, I always catch myself closing my eyes and enjoying the sun. I'm living in a very small town so it's calm all the time and it's amazing if you want to relax.

I actually had this design on my nails before I did my galaxy Deichkind nails but I was so excited about the concert, that I had to post the others first.

It was more a coincidence that I came up with this idea for my nails. As I told you here I rearranged my swatch sticks and found some polishes which I hardly ever (if ever) used.

This polish by catrice is one of them. It's called "out of the dark" and it's a dark grey polish with a little of brown and bronze shimmer in it.

I swatched it on my nails because I couldn't remember how it lookes like when wearing it and then the design somehow fell into place.

Items used:

Catrice "60 Out of the dark"
Catrice "C02 Alluring pink"
essie "mademoiselle"
nailfun "silber" stamping polish
studs by bornprettystore
m65 stamping plate by bornprettystoren (can't find the product anymore on their website)
nail art striper

After the base coat and two layers of catrice "out of the dark" I thought it would be nice to have something stamped on my nails. So I took a stamping plate I got for review (click here, this design definitely counts to one of my all time favorites) and a silver stamping polish of naifun. I stamped the rose design on three of my nails, my ring, middle and index finger. 

I liked the color combination of the silver and the greyish brown color but it somehow was not fancy enough for me. That's why I took an off white polish and a nail art striper and painted a sort of curtain around the stamping. It's a triangle towards the tip. 

It still didn't look finished for me so I took again a nail art striper and a pink polish to outline the white V-shaped pattern. I sealed my design with top coat and stuck little nail art studs (you can buy them here) on each nail. 

The last thing I still want to remember you is: if you ever order something at feel free to use my discount code.

This was everything I wanted to tell you today. Wish you all a fantastic Sunday!


  1. Sieht wieder richtig toll aus! :)
    Die Farben passen aber auch perfekt zusammen - gefällt mir total gut!

    1. Danke Sophia :) Bin schon seit Stunden auf deinem Blog unterwegs. Du schreibst einfach viel zu interessante Sachen

    2. Echt? Du bist ja süß! Danke Dir <3
      Freut mich sehr, dass einem Profi wie dir mein Blog so gut gefällt! ;)

    3. Ich und Profi?! bin ja noch ganz neu hier in der Blogger community aber danke freut mich, dass es dir hier gefällt

    4. Naja aber auf Insta bist du ja schon länger, oder? Also ich finde deine Designs alle ziemlich cool! Vllt dachte ich deswegen, dass du schon länger dabei bist ;)

    5. Ja Insta bin ich jetzt etwas weniger wie 2 Jahre. Fühl mich aber immer noch wie ein Kücken :D

  2. Very elegant looking nail art, love it! You combined perfectly together the polishes!
    Spring arrived here too and yesterday I was all day long outside and enjoyed the sun!

    1. Thank you so much. Yes it's so nice here this year. Normally lots of rain but this year hardly any.