Apr 21, 2015

Sneaker nails

I was flipping through @dutchnailss IG feed because I really love her work and I was looking for inspiration to finally hit me. I saw her amazing sneaker design and I had to recreate it.

It's an adorable freehand design she did 52 weeks ago and for her it was also a kind of now and then design were she showed her progress she made during a year. I always like to compare designs I made as you can read here.

Items used:

KIKO #339
KIKO #448 from the Satin LE
Color Club "Where's the soiree"
Color Club "French Tip"
nail art striper
dotting tool

This design started with painting my nails in blue. Oh I always forget to mention that I use base coat. For me it's already a routine and I take it for granted so that's why I always forget to mention it. So all you lovely girls out there: USE BASE COAT FIRST. It makes your design last much longer and prevents your nails from getting stained because some polishes just stain your nails mostly reds and blues do as I discovered. 

Back to business. Painting my nails blue was the first step as I told you. You can see in pic that I used two different blue shades by KIKO as a base. Then I took a striping brush and painted the white line inbetween. Now only the shoelaces are missing. I took again the brush and painted the black lines from the left to the right and with a dotting tool I painted the little white dots on the end of the shoelaces and with a little top coat on top the design is finished.