Apr 10, 2015

Sheer tints/stamped flowers nails

Before you ask, no I couldn't think of any better name for these nails as "sheer tints/stamped flowers nails". It sounds stupid I know but I think it describes pretty well what I did here.

As mentioned yesterday I made DIY sheer tints. If you want to know how it works click here. It's really easy and doesn't cost so much. Yesterday I made a red, blue and yellow one but for this design I needed a green one so I made one and many other colors will follow (for sure orange and purple maybe as well pink).

Items used:

Catrice "Black to the routes"
Konad stamping polish white
DIY sheer tints in red, yellow and green (still looking for names so if you have any ideas comment down below)
Spring image plate #04 by OB nails
dotting tool or small brush

I took the black polish as a base because I wanted to check out how the sheer tints work on a white stamping. For me one layer of this polish was enough because it has a very good coverage. I don't know why I rarely use this polish. I took my spring set by OBnails and the image plate #04 and stamped a flowery design on the black polish. I took the white stampy polish by konad for it. When I took a little dotting tool to fill in the white pattern with my sheer tints I discovered that the design on it's on already looks really cool.

I had to stop inbetween to take a picture of it. So here are only some parts filled with sheer tints. That's an easy method to make your nails really look fancy. Just with dipping my dotting tool in the sheer tints and painting over the white polish I can get a really cool effect on my nails. I sealed the design with one layer of top coat to make the nails nice and shiny.

How could I ever live without doing such things?! Do you want to see a close up? I bet you want to. Please ignore my cuticles. They're still recovering from the winter although I think they look like this because of the acetone I used for cleaning my cuticles after the stamping. They don't really like it. 

You gonna see for sure a lot more of this technique in the next time. I'd also like to mention how happy I am that half I year I finally tried out stamping. I don't know why I was afraid for such a long time.

I think I have to thank in particular Vickerl. She always did such amazing stamping designs and to be honest she was a main reason why I started it. Her designs were alway so great and I wanted to be able to do such designs as well. I still need some practice until I can hold up with her but I feel quite confortable with it at the moment.


  1. Awesome!!! This is so gorgeous and cool, such a great idea to do this with your sheer tints! I tried making my own sheer black polish and that was a total fail - maybe I will have more luck with colours, because I really like how yours turned out :)

    1. Thanks so much. Mine work really well and I can't complain.

  2. I can't find this nail plate. Can You send a link? :)

    1. Hey there. I got it here:

    2. Thank You! :)