Apr 14, 2015

Polka dots and gradient

Oh no, it's a black day today. I made this design yesterday evening. Well I started with the gradient and today morning I stamped the black dots on. Then I took a bazillion pictures also with only the gradient and with the dots and with all the bottles and so on and so on. So so many pictures. Then in the afternoon I went into town with my SD card of the camera to print out a couple of pictures which I wanted to give to a friend. Back home I wanted to start with this blog post but my SD card wasn't here anymore. I guess I forgot it in the picture printing machine or it fell out of my purse somewhere else in the shopping mall.

So I called there and asked if anybody has found my SD card but unfortunatelly it was gone already. With almost 4 GB of nail art pics. Lucky 90% of them were already at my computer with a water mark on, at least the ones I wanted to use but the rest is gone. You can't believe how angry and sad I was. 

The thing which freaks me out is, that I'm always so honest when I find something I give it to someone working there or to the information and when I lose something nobody returns it. This was the main fact why I was so angry. Of course lots and lots of pictures were gone but why can't others be as honest as I am?! I'm always good to other people thinking that I may get it back someday... 

One good thing was that I still had my design on my fingers. It's no common thing for me because I sometimes paint my nails twice a day. Unfortunatelly I don't have any pictures anymore of the gradient, because I didn't want to put my stamping off my finger and the stamping somehow looks uneven today. Don't know if it's because I did a lot with my hands today (washing the dishes, cleaning the house, garden work,..) or because the stamping plate hasn't such a good quality. Some dots look fine some look like I painted them half by hand. 

Anyway I wanted to show you this design. I had fun doing it and I like to have colorful things on my finger and I posted it because I wanted to write my anger off. I think it helps writing down how you feel about a certain thing when it's very very present in your mind. So this post is about HONESTY. People please be honest and give back the things you find if they don't belong to you! Really! Give it back! Once you maybe loose something and you would want to have it back as well. Of course you can say, hey calm down it's just a 4GB SD card, it's not much, why are you even complaining? It's a matter of principle. It doesn't belong to you so you give it back. There were also personal pictures of me and my friends on this card... 

Okay enough of bad mood. Time to take a closer look at my design I did. I again tried to use colors which I normally wouldn't combine. I got two Nicóle by OPI polishes from Jonna with I both love and so I thought I may combine it too.

Items used:

Nicole by OPI "NI 471 poisened for turquoise"
Nicole by OPI "NI G10 love song"
Color Club "French Tip"
essence stampy polish black
stamping plate #H12 by nailartfun
makeup sponge

All I did here is making a gradient with the blue, purple and white polish. I first painted all the nails white so I have a good base for all the colors and then sponged the polishes on. With the black polish by essence and a stamping plate I got from I stamped dots on my nails. The dots looked way better the plate than actually on the nails just like "it looked better in my head". It can happen but either way this post was mainly because I wanted to tell you folks: BE HONEST. If something doesn't belong to you then give it back! End of the story



  1. I am sorry that you've lost the SD card, I totally understand your frustration! As about your mani, it looks cheerful because of the base gradient and dots too!

  2. Oh no! I hope the person who took it change the mind and deliver it back to the store :( I really love this design, by the way! The colours for the gradient look beautiful!!

    1. I don't think so. I guess it's gone... I asked at the shop twice and as well at the mall information. Nothing.