Apr 7, 2015

Neon mix and match nails

Easter is finally over. I think I ate too much, way too much. But what should I say? The food was just too good. 

This time I made a recreation of @yagala work. You really have to go and check her out. She's such an amazing artis. I love her work.

I was so in spring mood that I had to do something in bright neon colors again and I love the contrast between the white and black which makes this design to one of my favorites. Specially in real life where the colors look much brighter than here. 

Items used:

China Glaze " Celtic Sun"
China Glaze "Bottoms Up"
Color Club "French Tip"
Color Club "Where's the soiree"
nail art striper
2 different sized dotting tools

Ok I didn't really know how to explain to you how I did this design. Basically it's pretty easy that's why I took a picture of every step I made.

I painted all my nails white and as you can see on the pictures some parts where painted yellow and some in this pink shade. I don't know why I still have problems with pictures of neon shades. I just can't make them justice. They look so amazing in real life. Hope it get's better when I have my daylight lamps. 

Next step was painting some lines on the edges of  the colors. As you can see I did the whole design free hands so not all the lines are perfectly straight but I like them anyway.

This design needed even more stripes. I totally recreated the work of @yagala so I made the exact same lines as on her design. The last step was to add some dots. My pinky and my index finger got bigger dots than the other two fingers. I actually also wanted to make dots on my thumb but I totally forgot it. When I was looking at the pictures on my computer I saw, that the dots are missing. 

I don't know why but this design looks again a bit bulky to me. Hope you don't mind. Anyway, This is a good manicure to practice your striping and dotting skills.