Apr 12, 2015

Monkey nails

I did those nails before easter but somehow found always something else to post. Those are inspired by @thecottonsugar and definitely gonna make a lot of people smile when they see your nails. I wore them for three days and even people I don't know came up to me and smiled about my monkeys. 

Items used:

Essence thermo polish "01 warm my heart!"
KIKO #355
KIKO #339
KIKO #370
Color Club "Where's the soiree"
Color Club "French tip"
dotting tool
nail art brush

The nails are handpainted but I forgot to make a step by step pictorial. I'm very sorry. The first thing I did was painting all my nails in blue. It's #339 by KIKO and then I painted small C-shaped patterns in yellow which should later look like bananas. Monkeys need bananas right?

The two monkeys on my index and middle finger were easier to paint than I've expected. I started with the dark brown shape and then added the light brown details. With a white and a black polish I painted the eyes and the mouth and sealed the design with a layer of top coat. This time I used Essence - sealing top coat with is one of my favorites at the moment. 


  1. Awesome!! These are so quirky and cute, I love that! :)

  2. Hehe, I LOVE these monkeys!! They are so adorable and the bananas look awesome :D