Apr 2, 2015

[NEW IN] Look at this epic nail mail

Don't I have the best nail mail buddy in the world? Look what Jonna got me. I knew she was sending me some stuff but I wasn't expecting even half of what she send me. All together there are 15 bottles of polish, 2 nail files, 6 boxes of glitters, a bracelet, 3 hair ties, 1 bag of nail accessories , nail wipes and lots and lots of candies.

I'd like to start with all the other stuff stuff she send to me before I start with showing you all the polishes are. 

First look at this amazing package where everything was packed into. Doesn't it look fabulous?! Wow wow wow. This was already a first highlight before I even started opening something. 

There were so many more candies in the box but I couldn't hold myself and ate already half of them while bringing the box home from the post office. These are as well my very first hair rings which looks like a telephone cable. No idea how they're called. Still hard to get here in the one-horse town where I live. I was sceptical about them for a long time but already heard that those are amazing and they really are. I don't know what I should think about their look when making a ponytail but for keeping by bun up it's amaazing. 

Who doesn't love glitter?! Well those boxes are amazing. The four, kind of neon colored boxes are tiny glitter particles and the other four are hearts, dots, stars and glitter in a deltoid shape. And look at these nail files! Wow so pretty.

Definitely my favorite in the box is this brachlet. I know I should have freaked out because of the amazing polishes she send me but I was looking for such a brachlet for a long long time now. If you can't see it it's a anchor, two love birds and the word love. I'm a fan of anchors, specially in my jewelery and I have a neckles which fits to this bracelet perfectly. So thank you so so much Jonna. I will weat it with pride. 

She also send me a bag full of cute little  bows and stars. I don't even know what to say. It's simply amazing and she totally made me speachless. I was out of words. As mentioned I wasn't expecting even half of this. Thanks so much.

Now time for the amazing polishes she send me.

from left to right
Julep - 4294 Sharna IT GIRL
Formula X - Destiny
Pure ICE - Magnetic Attraction (you can't see a name anymore)

In this round are three first times for me. Never tried one of these brands before. Here as well as in every other swatches it's always two layer of polish. The Julep one here is my favorite it's sooo glittery and sparkly. Too bad that there's no nice weather today to show you how it sparkles.

But because I have a new lense I did some macro pics to let you see.

Super super sparkly. The blue polish bribes with it's subtile shimmer particles. It's hard to see on the swatchstick here so I also took a closer pic for you so that you can see also the light rose particles.

Two Sally Hansen XTEME wear polishes were as well in my box from Jonna.

Sally Hansen - 460 Perfect Pear-ing (left)
Sally Hansen - 770 Copa Banana (right)

For me it's THE perfect green for spring! It's such a perfect spring shade together with the lilac and blue shade by OPI which I show you now.

from left to right
Nicole by OPI - NI 196 candy is dandy
Nicole by OPI - NI 471 poised for turquoise
Nicole by OPI - NI G10 love song
Nicole by OPI - NI G02 mi fantasia

The blue and the lilac one are my totally favorites of all the polishes I got. I love the shades and the formula and everything. Those are as well my first Nicole by OPI shades. Also here I have some macros shots of the sparkeling shades.

The blue one is mi fantasia and the pink one is candy is dandy and belongs to the gumdrops collection which dries with a textured matte finish. 

I as well got a super cute essie "My Perfect Pait" 

essie - super bossa nova (left)
essie - braziliant (right)

Time to introduce you to my Brazil collection by OPI. 4 matte textured mini bottles in super bright shades. I never hold a mini bottle of OPI in my hands, oh damn how cute are they?! Like baby dogs or baby cat you just have to look at them all the time. 

from left to right
OPI - Samba-dy Loves Purple
OPI - I'm Brazil Nuts Over You
OPI - What's a Little Rain Forest?
OPI - You're So Flippy Floppy

So this was my massive nail mail I got. Thank you so so much Jonna. You really made my day. I really love what you got for me and I'm totally curious how you like the stuff I send you. 


  1. Wauw this was so fun to read, it really put a smile on my face!! Super nice of Jonna to send you all this! It's always nice when you get some extra stuff besides the polishes - the loose glitters look really nice! I also love the close-up brush pictures you made of the polishes :)

    1. It is?! Glad you like it. I'm so in love with all the stuff she send me.