Apr 27, 2015

Just another stamping design on my nails

Oh yes I'm really bad with blog titels but somehow I can't think of any new names at the moment so here you can see "just another stamping design on my nails".

I ordered two Mundo de Unas polishes a while ago at nailland Hungary and haven't tried them out yet but today was the day to finally do so. They are so highly pigmented that's so unbelieveable amazing. First I was a bit confused about how thick the polishes are but I never had any other polishes which stamped so well and with just a little drop you can stamp a whole pattern.

Items used:

Color Club "Sugarplum Fairy"
Mundo de Unas "Turquoise"
Mundo de Unas "Lemon Tree"
KONAD image plate m78

I didn't intend to make my nails looks like a water marble like I did here. I just wanted to try out the polishes and how a stamping looks on such a glittery polish like "Sugarplum Fairy" by Color Club is. 

I applied the glitter polish first. I don't know how you apply polishes like this but I use to do it with a sponge. this makes my nails look much thinner, because I don't need to apply many layers until it's only glitter on my nails. The sponges absorbes the transparent polish and only the glitter particles stay on the nails.

I stamped the pattern on each nail and tried to make the colors change on each nail as you can see here.

To do list: Buy more Mundo de Unas polishes. They really are amazing. Super easy to stamp with and amazing quality. 


  1. This is such a vibrant and cool looking manicure. Love everything about it.
    I have my problems too with the post titles. :(