Apr 5, 2015

Hello to Mr. Easter bunny

Last and final Easter design on my nails and last part of my Easter traditions.  Actually the main Easter part is already finished here. Today comes the Easter bunny who brings lots of sweets, little gifts and egg to the children. He hides it in the garden and the kids search for it. It's always a whole lot of fun.

That's why I did a little bunny on my nails today. It's a remake of a old design l did last year. I used the same polishes only the bunny ears are different. You wanna see a pic of the old one?! Here it is:

I always like to redo designs I did a long time ago. I love to see how I improved. Here I think the best improvement is the picture quality. The way I hold the bottle, the lightning and so on. This pic was taken 50 weeks ago.

Time to look at the new creation.

Items used:

Color Club "French tip"
Color Club "Where's the soiree"
KIKO #633
KIKO #355
KIKO #379
Color Club "Sugarplum fairy"
nail art brush

Yesterday's chicken and today's design are the first times since a year that I used textured polishes. Somehow they became old-fashion. This time I didn't want to top it with top coat, only the ears.

I don't know why I wanted to have white ears this time but I like it much more than the brown one. Which one do you prefer? Was Mr. Easter bunny good to you? Did yoy get any presents? Let me know down below.