Apr 24, 2015

Galaxy nails meet Deickind

Yesterday night I was at the DEICHKIND concert and those were my nails I had. I don't know if you know the band, if you're not from a German speacking country then probably not, that's why I linked a video for you here. It's from their new album and it's about thinking big and reaching your goals. I love their live performances because they do such a lot of crazy stuff at their shows. A total must-have-seen. For me it was already the third time and I would still go to one of their shows again. 

My taste of music is quite diverse. It goes from rock, punk, metal to pop and as well salsa and latin beats. So I have to typicall thing which I listen all the time. It varies from day to day.

Here I have a link of one of their live show for you which should explain my design a bit. I think their shows are always from outer space that's why my base is a galaxy design. 

These are my galaxy nails still in a shiny version and I think you can never go wrong with a galaxy design but this wasn't my final outcome. I still wanted to add triangles to the design because as you could see at the live video they always use kind of pyramid LED hats. 

Items used:

Manhatten #710T
Nicole by OPI "Poised for Turquoise"
KIKO #261
essie "lilacism"
KIKO #376
Color Club "French Tip"
Little Girl "Glitzerfee2"
essence nail art special effect topper "22 black dress and white tie"
Ruby Wing "Groupie"
essie "matte about you"
make up sponge
nail art striper

You always need a whole bunch of colors to get this design. My background color was Manhatten #710T which is an amazing dark blue, almost black. I took a little piece of make up sponge and sponged white kind of clouds on the blue background. Then little by little I sponged Nicole by OPI "Poised for Turquoise", essie "lilacism", KIKO #376 on top of the white trying to achieve a kind of cloudy, galaxy look. Then I took the Little Girl glitter polish and randomly added some glitter and I did the same with the glitter polish by essence. Next step was painting little crosses on my nails which should look like imploding stars. Instead of using a top coat I added KIKO #261 on top for a final finish because it has such a nice subtile shimmer in it. 

Then it's time to mattify, mattify, mattify! 

And as told, you can't go to one of their concerts without having triangles somewhere so I took a little nail art brush and painted pink triangles on my index and middle finger. Hope you like my final outcome. 


  1. Bei den Dreiecken musste ich auch ohne den Blogtitel zu lesen gleich an Deichkind denken! :D
    Das Design ist dir echt gelungen! Für Galaxy Nails fehlt mir irgendwie die Geduld und dann sehen die immer ganz komisch aus ^^;

    1. Ich finds voll cool, dass die Nägel so schnell erkannt werden. Heute in der Uni kam auch gleich jemand zu mir und meine so "wow du hast ja Deichkindnägel wie cool". Freut mich immer wenn eine Idee so wird wie ich mir das vorstelle.

  2. Geil!! Sowohl die Nägel, als auch das Konzert nehme ich an! ;D Ich war noch nie auf einem Konzert von denen... muss ich unbedingt mal noch machen!! ;)

    1. Vielen Dank. Oja da muss man wirklich einmal hin. Auf CD find ich sie garnicht so klasse aber die Konzerte waren bisher imma mega.