Apr 4, 2015

Easter chicken nail art

Big day of our Easter celebration here. Today at noon we take a basket and put all the things in it which will we be eating after church. Easter ham, sausages, hard boiled eggs, horseradish, Reindling, bread and so on. I think it's different in every family.  Although we have no farm at home we still do everything at home so in our basket are home made sausages, ham, filled calf and as well homemade bread. 

We put a little blanket over our basket which my mum made when she was pregnant with me. We go with it to church and after a short benediction we go home again and enjoy our meal with our families.

Normally we have this special meal once or twice on Saturday because in the afternoon we're also invided by my other grandparents which don't live in the same house as my mother does. 

So to be honest all we do all Saturday long is eating, eating, eating. But it doesn't always look the same. The basics are the same yes but each family has a own way of presenting the food and maybe as well some different things in addition. 

Later at night, if the weather is nice we go to one of those Eater fires which are in pretty much every little town. It's for celebrating Jesus for rising up from the dead. From all the youngest one it's seen as something where you can drink alkohol and hang out with friends. I hardly went there because typically it's raining here that night hahaha

Items used:

Color Club "French Tip"
Color Club "Where's the soiree"
Pure ICE - Magnatic attraction
OPI - You're So Flippy Floppy
Essie - Braziliant
dotting tool
nail art striper

Again I painted all my nails white to have a good base. I saw, that when you apply the OPI shade without a white base you can still see though the polish after two layers and it's not so bright and shiny. Then I took a nail art striper and painted the lines in yellow and this magnetic grey polish. On my ring finger and my thumb I topped the white polish with this amazing yellow polish which has a matte textured finish. 

After the second yellow layer I took a dotting tool and made two black dots which should be the eyes of my little chicken.While I let the dots dry a bit I took a nail art brush and painted a triangle underneigh the dots which should represent the beak. With smaller sized dotting tools I made a white dot in the black one and then even a smaller black dot in the white one. Now the design is finished.

Although it's a textured polish I topped my nails with a layer of topcoat. You can still see the texture then but it doesn't feel so creepy when you touch the nails. 

Does this little chicken squint? For me it looks like it would hahaha. Makes it even cuter. 

Wish you all a HAPPY EASTER. Enjoy your days with your family and friends and let me know down below how you celebrate these days. xoxo

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