Apr 17, 2015

DONUT ever let me go

Did some donut nails today. I really really like donuts and I can't get enough of them so why not painting it on my nails too?

After this post I was really motivated to practice my hand painting skills so this was the reason why I did this. 

Items used:

Color Club "French Tip"
essence I <3 TRENDS "09 you're so beautiful"
essence I <3 TRENDS "11 nude, dos, tres!"
china glaze "bottoms up"
china glaze "capacity to see beyond"
essence color & go "137 wanna be your sunshine"
dotting tool
nail art brush

Two layers of china glaze "French Tip" was my base and with a dotting tool dipped in "you're so beautiful" I made circles all over my nails with should be the donuts later. When the circles where dry I took a dotting tool which is one or two sizes smaller than the one which I used first. I dipped the second into "nude, dos, tres!". This should make my chocolate topping on my donuts so in the light brown I made a smaller dark brown circle and the donut is done.

But who likes to eat donuts without some sprinkles on?! I took a small nail art brush and made some blue, pink, yellow and white sprinkles on to and voil√°.