Apr 9, 2015

DIY Sheer Tints

Before I start to tell you how I made my sheer tints, I'd like to tell you how I came up with this idea. Sophia of polished-casual made a super cute design last week and I read about how she made her sheer tints and I knew I had to try it out too. 

Let me tell you what sheer tints are. They came out last year and I know them from OPI. Don't know if any other brand has such polishes. It's a polish which is very sheer and doesn't cover up. You may ask yourself why you need such polish and I though for a couple of weeks if I really should invest money in something which looks rather useless at first sight. 

After a while a couple of designs appeared in social networks and from this point on I knew I had to get myself some. I never thought about buying those from OPI because it still was too expensive for me and I waited for some local drugstore brands here if they would may offer them too but until now I haven't found anything comperable. So thank's to Sophia I did them myself, without spending much money and they work out the way they should ;) Design will be posted tomorrow.

I bought three bottle of a transparent nail polish. I chose a sealing top coat by essence. I use it quite often the last weeks, it makes your nails so nice and shiny and it's quite thin I think and it doesn't really get thick easily (or at least they are empty before they can hahaha) I paid 1.99€ per bottle so it's way cheaper than the OPIs here (with about 20€ per bottle). 

Then I started putting drops of polish into the bottles. Depending on the colors you probably need 5-10 drops per bottle depending on how intensive you want your sheer tints to be. I had about 8 drops in each bottle. 

Now it's time to shake, shake, shake. 

It takes about 2 min of shaking until your sheer tints are ready for use. I let them rest for 10 minutes so that all the bubble go away.

I was really sceptical first so I only made a red, a blue and a yellow one but already while trying out the first manicure I had to make some more colors because I was so amazed how they work and how well it looks on the nails. I always have two or three bottle of this polish at home so after taking all the pictures for this post I made some more colors. One of them you gonna see tomorrow. 

I tried them out on a layer of white polish to check out if the color is alright or if I have to add a couple of drops more. This is always one layer of my sheer tints. 

How about chosing a name for them? I'm really bad in thinking of polish names so tell me down below in the comments how you would name those three polishes. I'd like to give them a really cool names but I can't think of anything cool. So let your creativity flow and tell me your suggestions.

All in all I'm totally happy with them and I have so many ideas what I want to do with them.


  1. I have a few myself! In different bottles, bit of a mess! The way you did it is way better and prettier!

  2. Hihi freut mich, dass dir die Idee gefallen hat! ;D
    Meine Sheer Tints haben auch noch keine Namen bin da immer mega einfallslos... Hmmm also als deutschen Namen fänd ich ja irgendwas mit Schorle sehr passend :'D Aber Kirsch-Schorle klingt halt einfach nicht so besonders cool *gnihihi*
    Liebe Grüße!

    1. Wobei ich Kirch-Schorle schon wieder super finde, weil wir das hier in Österreich einfach nicht sagen. Wenn ich nach Deutschland komme und mir einen gespritzten Apfelsaft bestellen will muss ich immer lachen wenn ich eine Apfelschorle sagen muss hahaha