Apr 18, 2015

Daisy nails

Do you know this problem when you go to a nail polish store and you buy a couple of bottles and you're excited about each and everything about the ones you chose. You can't wait to try them out but then you come home and so many things happen, you swatch your polishes on a swatch stick but then you need the space to do something very important and you just throw the polishes in a drawer and you forget about them. 

Today I wast rearranging my swatch sticks because I didn't like how they were sorted and came across a couple of polishes which I actually maybe just used once. If it was even once. One polish I really liked most of it is KIKO #532.

How could I ever forget using this amaaaazing polish?! It's super sparkly and is a mixture of green/blue/teal color, really hard to describe. 

I think it also looks different inside and outside always depending on the light. I think it definitely needs to get honored. 

I did some simple stamping on this amazing polish. I have to say it looked better in my head. 

Items used:

KIKO #532
Konad white stamping polish
essence I <3 TRENDS "02 sun is smiling
spring stamping plate #01 by OB nails
dotting tool

So it's a simple stamping on my green/blue/teal polish and a little dot in the middle of my stamped flowers to make it look a little better. 

And the moral of this story: NEVER let such beauties get dusty in a drawer. Such beauties should't get neglected. 


  1. Die sind ja niedlich geworden! Sehr schön :)

    1. Danke. So kam der Lack wenigstens mal in Gebrauch :)

  2. Amazing polish by Kiko! And your nail art suits very well with it :-)

    1. Thank you Mir! I can't understand why I neglected it for such a long time

  3. The Kiko polish is gorgeous by itself, but it looks great with the cute little daisy's too!