Apr 22, 2015

Cupcake nails - reverse stamping method

Who doesn't love cupcakes?! This pattern is just too cute to be true. It's part of my new Cookbook 07 stamping plate by MoYou London

This design is a perfect example of something which looks good in my head but doesn't work in real life. I had this design in my mind for a rather long time and I tried multiple ways to make this design shine. The first idea was making a rather pastel design so this design was the final result. 

I really had problems taking pictures of this design and somehow it just didn't look like I wanted it to look. Although it looked quite ok in real life it just didn't look good on the pictures.

I redid the design with a white color in the background but it looked so shitty that I didn't even take pictures of it.

Then I was finished with this idea because it didn't work out how I wanted and I was really frustrated. 

This was two weeks back and today I said it has has has to work somehow and did the design again. Instead of having a pastel color in the back I took a nice blue/teal/turquoise color in the back and cupcakes only on two nails.

On the other three nails I places some studs by bornprettystore which I got to review a couple of weeks back.

Items used:

Sally Hansen Triple Shine "Dive in"
essence I <3 TRENDS "02 sun is smiling"
essence I <3 TRENDS "03 I'm so fluffy"
essence I <3 TRENDS "07 hope for love"
essence I <3 TRENDS "07 bubble bath"
essence I <3 TRENDS "01 so lucky"
essence I <3 TRENDS "09 you're so beautiful"
Konad stamping polish white
MoYou London "Cookbook 07"
studs by bornprettystore
nail art brush

I don't know if you know how the reverse stamping method works so I tried to make a video tutorial for you. Yes you heard right. I filmed a video. My very first time and I'm sure it needs much more improvement but be kind. I keep on practicing until it's perfect. I did this video already when I made the very first design with the blue pastel background but still it shows how this method works.

I started with painting my nails blue. I stamped the cupcakes with the white stamping polish and let it dry on my stamper. With a little brush I filled all the cupcakes with a whoooole bunch of colors of the I <3 TRENDS polishes by essence. When the little cupcakes were dry I applied a top coat and let it dry again. After a couple of minutes I took a pair of tweezers, peeled it off and placed it on my nails.

Tip: make sure to apply a layer of your polish or a top coat first and stick your sticker on it

Apply another layer of top coat and file the rest off or clean it with a brush and nail polish remover. That's all it takes to make your nails looks so delicious. 

What do you think of them? I'm still rather dubious about them. Maybe I should have added a matte top coat but I didn't came up with this idea before and now I already messed them up.

But I would really be interested in your opinion here. So let your honest words down below.


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    1. Vielen Dank, mich haben sie auf den Bildern leider nicht so überzeugt. Aber in natura fand ich sie auch klasse