Mar 19, 2015

Watercolor inspired nails

What's better than having weekend for four days in a row?! Today isJosefitag, let's say the day of our saint patron of the province. It's a free day for schools and university and when this day is a Thursday you most of the time have also off on Friday. To cut a long story short today was time again to do my nails because I still have 3 more days to finish all my homework and so on. 

I'm in a master degree program at university since March and it's almost impossible for me to do my nails every day. I will try to post as often as possible but sometimes I have to be present at university from 8 am till 8 pm and afterwards I just want to relax on my couch, drink a glass of wine or just sit there and watch TV. I have to do much much more than I had when I did my bachelor degree so my whole life routine had to change. I really hope you don't mind but I will try my best to do my nails as often as possible. 

This time I did a design again with my full water decals by bornprettystore and a red polish by essence. 

Items used:

essence "03 let's climb mount beauty" from the mountain calling LE

This time I wanted to mix a simple color with these amazing water decals. I applied the decal on my middle and index finger first.

tip: use a white polish as a base, it makes the decal look much brighter

Look here if you want an exact description how to apply water decals but basically it's very very easy. I painted the other three nails red and let it dry. On my index finger I painted a diagonal tip in red and on my ring finger I did it in the other direction with a water decal. With a file I filed off the overlapping decal and the design is finished. 

I really like the pattern of decal but after I got so many compliments from people 70+ I guess I won't wear it so often again hahahaha. Do they look oldfashioned? What do you think of them?