Mar 26, 2015

Victoria's secret colorblock bikini nails with rhinestones

Today I was inspired by @fatimattidesigns. She was inspired by those neon bikinis where I don't have a clue how they're called.

picture found on google

And I really have to say those nails really remind me somehow of this bikini. I took a bit of different colors like she did but I liked her style with the rhinestones so they definately had to go on my nails.

Items used:

essence I  <3 TRENDS "03 I'm so fluffy"
KIKO #376
Ruby Wing "Groupie"
Color Club "Where's the soiree"
nail art striper

This design began with a orange pastel shade from essence. I let it dry and painted the pink polish over it. Not totally from the back but 2 mm of the orange shade has to be visible. For this design I chose colors I would normally wouldn't combine. I wanted to do something different than normal. I would usually never come up with the idea of combining pink and orange. For me it's okay to combine some pink and orange shades but 90% pink and especially rose would never go along with orange for me. 

Let's come back to business. At this step you should now have a so called ruffian manicure on your nails. I took a nail art striper and "Where's the soiree" by Color Club to draw a line between the orange and the pink. 

If you follow my blog for some time now you will know that I love Ruby Wing polishes. They have a great quality and I love how they change their color outside. They are sensible for UV rays and when you go outside, even if it's not sunny, the color will change. For me thermal polishes are useless. I always have warm hands and the color never changes but Ruby Wing polishes are amazing. Just take a look:

The left one is inside and the right one is outside. Can you see this fantastic change they go through?! Some people don't even belive me that's the exact same polish. I own 4 of those but the pink/red one is definately my favorite.

After I was done with adoring this polish I continued doing my nail design. I took the KIKO polish #376 and painted a stripe down wards of the blackline in the middle of each nail. Then again time for the nail art striper and the black polish. I painted a line left and right of the rose polish and let it dry. With my fast drying top coat I sealed the design and stuck the rhinestones where they belong.

Just like @fatimattidesigns did, I took a rose rhinestone for the middle and silver ones for the sides.

This is my finished design. I love to have the bling bling on my nails. What do you think of them?

Lastly I have this design again in sunlight. Hope you like it although you can't see so much of a difference here. I guess it's due to the rhinestones and line because you have a kind of distraction.

But if you put them next to each other you can indeed see a difference.


  1. Beautiful manicure! I love your gem placements, its very striking! :) xx

    1. Thanks a lot. the gems were well discussed on IG so I did a little remake. Maybe you like this too ;)