Mar 29, 2015

Victoria's secret colorblock bikini nails with rhinestones #2

Hello everyone! I know I did almost the same design in the last post, well actually it's totally the same just with different colors. This pink design was quite well discussed on Instagram and first didn't really get much likes. I loved the pink design so much and have to confess that I was pretty disappointed. So many people unfollowed because of this design and then I asked what the problem was.

The girls on IG didn't really like the nude back they said. It looks like I would've applied acrylics and they are already growing out. Also some told me that it's probably because of the placement of the rhinestones that my nails look like a shovel. They make my nails look widened.

Well I like getting feedback, as long as it's productive, which was in 99% the case this time. We were talking a lot about how to improve this design which problems could maybe be solved.

We were talking about the colors that probably the nude in the back should be changed so I decided to do a blue/teal version of this design. In the back is now essence I <3 TRENDS "01 so lucky" a green pastel shade from "The Pastels" collection. Next to it as you can see I tried this design without any rhinestones and tried to place them step by step to actually see how they visually change my nail shape.

And yes I have to say without the rhinestones the nails really look thinner or at least not so widened. I posted this last picture and people were more amazed about this design.

I still love the pink design with the rhinestones on each side, I really do but it's true the nails look thinner without them, must be a optical illusion.

However I did the design with the rhinestones as well. What do you think, which version do you prefer?

Items used:

essence I <3 TRENDS "01 so lucky"
Ruby Wing "eternal"
China Glaze "custom kicks"
Color Club "Where's the soiree"
striping brush

If you want to know how (step by step) this design is done click here because it's the same procedure just with different colors.

I think those nails look thinner than the pink design even with the rhinestones on the nails. As well less bulky as I think but I would like to know what you think? What is your opinion about this design?

As you can see this design is again done with a Ruby Wing polish. Like I told you in the last post it changes the color when UV rays hit the polish. Even with top coat and if it's cloudy outside. I did another comparison which you can see below. Again left is inside, right is outside.

This dark purple is really dark because I hold it right under the UV lamp. It gets lighter and changes to a sort of greyish blue color. 

So this was my remake. I still love this design so much, both colors and I'm planning on doing this design in many more color combination soon.


  1. The colors are bright and perfect for this season. Love the added rhinestones they make this mani look a bit glamorous. That color changing polish is great!