Mar 16, 2015

Super cute Hello Kitty nails

Actually I've never been a Helly Kitty girl and I will probably never be one but when a friend asks you to do Hello Kitty nails, you do Hello Kitty nails. Just for her. I think that's part of a friendship. And after all I like this cute little design on my nails, especially the bows. 

Items used:

Color Club "Where's the soiree"
Color Club "French Tip"
KIKO #376
KIKO #261
KIKO #355
nail polish striper
2 little bows

First I thought about creating a design where I have little Hello Kittys on each tip but after trying it out I recognized that it's just too much for me. I put everything off again and started with painting my ring finger and my thumb white. The other three fingers were painted in this beautiful light pink/rose shade. I wanted this design to be girly - at least up to a certain extent. So I took my most powerful weapon when it comes to adding a light glitter touch somewhere and this the polish KIKO #261. Actually it's a light purple glitter polish but when you apply it you hardly see anything from the purple only a light shimmery glitter. 

It's hardly visible on the pictures here but when light hits the nail there's an amazing subtile shimmer. Time for Hello Kitty. I took a nail art striper and started painting the face of Hello Kitty on my nails. With a little drop of nail glue I stuck the little bows on the nail. I got mine as a present but you can also find bows like this here. Hope you find the bow you wish for.

I used one bow with pink zebra print and one with black and pink leopard print and I think they're totally adorable. Have you ever tried Hello Kitty nails? I would love to see then so but your links down below in the comment box.


  1. Hello dear. First of all thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. This way at least I found your cute blog. I've browsed a little bit and found a lot of creative ideas and wonderful nail designs. I truly like this adorable Hello Kitty mani! Have a great day!