Mar 31, 2015

Say hello to my new baby - macro lense

Today I actually didn't want to post anything. I'm quite busy and didn't want to edit any pictures but then a thing changed.

I was thinking about buying a macro lens for years. I currently own a Nikon D3100 and had a standard 18-105mm lense. It wasn't so great for doing nail art pics so when I had time I borrowed a 15-55mm lense from my boyfriend's father which worked a bit better but wasn't the best option either. I was comparing prices and lenses for a couple of time now and so yesterday evening it was finally the time when I bought my very first lense for making macro shots.

I bought a Nikkor AF-S 40mm 1:2,8G lense and unfortunatelly could try it out immediately. I had to wait until today morning to finally be able to try it. I didn't have much time today so I just did a very simple design, just a black base with a effect polish on top to see how this lense can capture it. 

So basically this post isn't about the manicure I show you but rather me trying out the new lense doing a bit of playing around and try out focusing methods.

Items used:

essence colour & go "144 black is back"
catrice "50 glitterazzi"

Taking pictures of polish like this one above seems to be the latest trend here in the nail art community so I definitely had to try it out too. This effect coat is Glitterazzi, a polish which I hardly used up to now. It's hard go get all the glitter particles out so that's why the mani looks a bit bulky this time.

I have to say I love love love this macro lense. It's amazing how close you get to the nails and nothing is blurred, at least not if you don't want it to be blurred.

You can even see, that this polish is a bit bubbly. You can't spot any bubble with your eyes although my eyes are great. I belong to the lucky 6% of the world population having sight of 120%. So I really see everything clear but I can hardly see the bubbles in the polish.

If you wonder what this white dot is on the top of the polish: I have all the polish sort of labeled in my drawer so when I look inside I instantly see which polish I need. Otherwise I would have 150 of black bottle tops looking at me and I would have to put out every single piece to find out which one I need. I only do this labeling when it's not possible to see the lower part of the bottles. Not every bottle has such a label.

It's the best present I could give to me for graduation. I as well ordered day light lamps so I can start doing pictures everytime and I'm not dependend on the weather or the daytime. They should arrive next week so than I'll give you a full update on which equipment I use for making pictures. 

I still have two or three manis waiting to be posted. So those designs are still captured with my old lense as I guess starting from next week the pictures will be done with this lense. 

After half an hour discussing with the shop assistent which way it's the best to take pictures of my nails (yes it was a man and he did have quite good ideas without giving me the feeling that I'm a sort of freak) and which lense I should take he also mentioned in a sentence, that if I will ever be bored of taking pics of my nails (which will probably never happen) I could also try taking pics of flowers. Can you imagine my lense can also take pictures of flowers?! hahaha 

Yes it works out quite well. I can recommend this lense definitely to everyone who is thinking about buying a macro lense. I love it and I hope you'll see the difference in my pictures from now on.


  1. Meeeeeeega coooool! Die Makrolinse ist der hammer! ♥

  2. Glückwunsch zu deinem Kauf!! Eine richtig gute Entscheidung. Ich hab einige Objektive (Standard, Weitwinkel, Fixbrennweite 50, Macro), aber mein Macro ist einfach mein Liebling. Am liebsten würde ich die Welt nur noch mit diesem Objektiv fotografieren <3
    Ich freu mich schon auf ganz viele Nahaufnahmen von dir!

    1. Oja es ist wirklich klasse. Ich liebe es. Hach wie konnte ich nur ohne so einem leben?! hahahaha

  3. Oh, now I envy you I m just kidding, have a lot's of fun with this great lens.
    I have too a Nikon D3100 and I have a macro lens on my wishlist from quite a while!