Mar 21, 2015

Rocking roses nail art

After all this girly Hello Kitty stuff this week I decided to do something more in the rock direction. The basic design is stamped and the roses are hand painted. I did this design in shiny and in matte so let's start.

Vickerl mentioned flormar polishes a couple of times so when I came by their shop last weekend I had to grap two bottle of their polish. I wanted to have more but the shop assistent was always bothering me so I didn't really had the time to look for more.

I picked #129 (purple) and #375 (shimmery bronze) I guess I will be doing some stuff with both polishes soon, that's why I won't post any swatches today. The purple one is already used for this design here.

Items used:

flormar #129
essence stampy polish black
b.pretty "5 inchromnia"
b.pretty "2 under the chome"
color club "French tip" 
stamping plate m76 from bornprettystore
stamping plate h12 from nailfunshop
nail art brush

Two layers of this amazing purple polish make up my base for this design. I let it dry completely and took my black stampy polish by essence and the stamping plate m76. I stamped this kid of lace design on all the nails exept my ring finger. I already knew that I wanted to make something different on my accent nail but to this point it wasn't clear to me what to do. 

With a nail art brush I tried to paint little roses in black, white and silver on the lace and tried to paint some green chrome leaves to it. I was flipping through my stamping plates which meanwhile are quite a lot. I found this little skull guy with the cross on a plate I got from nailfunshop which perfectly fit to the design. I stamped it on my ring finger to get a nice accent nail.

I liked the shiny version a lot but I wanted to try it also out how it looks matte. As always I used essie - matte about you

I really like it much much more in the matte version. It took some time until I liked matte nails but at the moment I really a huge fan of it. Which design do you prefer?

Again a quite picture heavy post. As always. I just can't decide which pictures I should throw out here. I have so many more on my laptop.


  1. This design look very cool indeed. Love that you added the roses, it make more prettier this mani!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes I wanted to add a bit of a girly/elegant touch with it

  2. Love it matte! Very elegant mani, like it!

  3. Woo! This looks gorgeous!! I LOVE both shiny and matte :D

  4. I love these a lot!! Everything works great together :) I also really like the purple you used as a base colour!