Mar 3, 2015

Nails with black and white stripes and pink flowers

Hello everyone! Wow last week was so busy. So many things happened at the same time that I hardly had time to do my nails. First of all I FINISHED MY BACHELOR STUDIES. Yeey! So I'm now Bachelor of Sience and I'm so happy but I still need to wait until May to finally get the degree and all the papers and so on. Now it's time for the master degree which has also started last week. I won the essence spring set, went on a concert and had a daytrip to Tyrol. So really really busy and exciting week for me. 

Time to switch to my nails. I had this design on my to-do list for very long. I once saw similar design by @phenomenail and fell in love with the design right away. But her work was indeed quiet different. Around last month @paulinaspassion posted this design and it was love at first sight. Her work is always flawless and she's such a talented artist. It's classy but also trendy, elegant and a bit freaky so what else do you have to aim for?! This week I saw this design again at @lackliebexo, @lackliebe__ and also a rather similar one by @sluenidoesnails (oh yes this design was really quite present in my IG feed this week) and this reminded me of finally doing this nails too.

Items used:

essence colour & go "199 wild white ways!"
essence colour & go "144 black is back"
essie "big spender"
KIKO #282
KIKO #375
catrice "24 The GlamoureX Factor"
detail brush
dotting tool
nail vinyls

I started by painting my nails white and let it dry completly. This is important because otherwise you're going to ruin everything if it's not dry enough. Next step is placing nail vinyls on your nails. I used those to get stripes. I had them at home with exact the right size. If you don't have any at home you can also use striping tape or do it freehand with a nail art striper. With the black polish I painted over the white base and immediately peeled off the vinyls. At this point your nails should like similar to these:

I forgot how amazing a mani with a black and white contrast looks. I should do this more often. Well time for the next step. I took a nail art brush, a rather small one and started painting random light pink spots on my nails. It's the base for the roses and I tried to place them as random as possible. That's always something tricky for me because I always try to follow certain pattern or see certain pattern in things. With one of my smallest brushes I started painting little C-shaped patterns on it which should look like the petalsof the roses. I used essie - big spender and KIKO #375 for it. Instead of painting leaves on it I took a dotting tool and places random golden dots on my nails. 

And this was the final result. Hope you like it. It doesn't look as perfect as Paulina's work but I'm very happy with it. Wish you all a nice day! I'm heading off to a spa to relax a bit. 


  1. This looks so classy and edgy at the same time, I love it! Your flowers look gorgeous and I love that you added the blobs of gold :)

  2. Really want to make these myself, I love 'm!