Mar 30, 2015

Handpainted abstract tulip nails

Als de lente komt dan stuur ik jou 
Tulpen uit Amsterdam
Als de lente komt pluk ik voor jou
Tulpen uit Amsterdam

I was in mood for some flowers again so I decided to do a kind of abstract verion of tulips. I'm definately no pro in painting flowers and I actually didn't even want to post this design first but than a strange phenomenom came into my mind. All the designs which I love harldy get any likes (like this design which didn't even get 40 like the first day. It's  embarrassing when having about 2200 followers on IG) and the ones I don't really like get hundrets of likes (like this design). That's why I thought why not posting this design. The tastes are different so maybe you do like this design. If not, no problem. Life goes on.

Basically this design was inspired by @manicurator who did this design about 100 times better than I did. I'm still no fan of paintin small detailed things and I still have to improve a lot.

Items used:

KIKO #449
KIKO #268
KIKO #339
KIKO #386
essence colour & go"170 beijos de brazil"
essie - matte about you
red, orange and yellow acrylic paint
nail art brush
white base for the gradient
make up sponge

I started by making a gradient on all my nails. Check out this post if you want to learn how to do one. I took a nail art bursh and started painting the little details on my nails. It tried to make them look like tulips as much as it was possible for me. I really tried my very best, I promise you.

I topped everything with matte about you by essie. This nails definately needed a matte finish for me. I was pretty influenced from the Dutch culture. I had to go alone to Amsterdam at the age of 16 and worked there 4 month in a hotel. I needed to do it for school and fell in love with this beautiful country, with the people and especially with the language. For a German speaking girl this language is by faaaar the one which sounds the funniest. Like a little child trying to talk German and inventing new and funny word combinations. 


  1. Haha it's super funny that you can speak Dutch! I love your tulips, the colours are so nice and cheerful :) The gradient also came out really nice!

    1. Yes understanding to no problem at all but I've some problems with speaking and writing because I never had to. Everybody always spoke English to me. I still come back each year for one or two weeks.I really like it there :)

  2. The gradient is wonderful and the flowers came out great too! It is a joy to look at this mani! I like it a lot!