Mar 1, 2015

[REVIEW] Essence like a day in a candy shop - spring set

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion. 

I know I'm typically more nail related but I got the honor to review the essence like a day in a candy shop spring set. It's a fragrance and a limited edition eyeshadow palette I won. 

All in all there are two different sets which are available in March 2015 for about 8€. 

The first set is called "like a first day in spring"

and the second one which I got is "like a day in candy shop"

Both look totally lovely and sweet. In case your interested in the ingredients, please click on the pictures of the boxes. 

Each box consists of a 50ml/1.69 fl.oz parfume and a 8,5g/0.29oz eyeshadow palette with 6 different shades. 

It comes along in such a box with a description on the back side. 

Because I was again wearing "The Pastels" and I also wanted this post at least a bit nail related I couldn't stop myself from taking some pictures with my nails. This box fits perfectly to it and it looks totally cute. 

Let's start with the parfume. It's a "floral, fresh and at the same time sensual fragrance for those who dream of spending a day in a candy shop. Sweet, senuous, wonderful!" 

It descripes this scent very good. It smells a little bit like vanilla but not too sweet and not too strong. I normally go for fresh scents but I would definately chose this scent for going on a romantic dinner or an elegent occation or somewhere where I want to look beautiful and feminine. 

50 ml will last reeeally a while for me because I always pick another parfume each day always depending on my mood. I would have maybe expected a bit of a lighter, fresh scent for spring. 

The longer I have it on my skin the better it smells for me. I can't get enough of smelling my wrist and if I would be you, I would definitely go and check this fragrence out. Put it on your skin, let it rest there for a while and then start smelling it. It's totally worth it. Really my favorite thing in this box. 

Time to head over to the eyeshadow palette. I don't wear eyeshadow everyday but as often as it's possible for me and most of the times I go for golden, bronze shimmery colors so this one looked like a totally new experience for me.

It consists out of six different colors. They have a silky and smooth texture and differnt efffects as stated on the box. Some of them are matt others shimmery or metallic

Time for some swatches:

On my hand here you can see the row with the gold, peach and creme color. I always put the palette next to it so you can see a bit how they looks in the box. First I thought the colors are really dark but they are very soft and shimmery and light. It's even hard to see a different in sunlight. 

I tried to put as much color as possible on my fingers to show you the difference between the colors. I like that they aren't so colorful and due to this good to wear in daily life. 

The difference of the colors are a bit more present on the other side of the palette. On this side are the colors black, blue and rose. They are a bit stronger in color and not so shimmery as the other side. 

After seeing all of them on my hand I have to say that I'm really going to wear those shades more often. My skepticism is totally gone because I think those colors really represent spring and the easy way of living your day.

So all in all this box is totally worth buying. I would DEFINITELY recommend the fragrance. Woow I still can't stop smelling my skin. It tastes sooo good. Go and check it out!

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