Mar 6, 2015

[REVIEW] Bornprettystore stamping plate

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion. 

Hello everyone! Today I have again the pleasure to review a couple of products of bornprettystore. They were so kind to send me the following items:

And because it would be too much to review everything in one single post I will start bit by bit and by the end of next week you'll be fully informed about all the product.

I was most curious about the stamping image plate. It's my second by Bornprettystore. You can find my first one here

This image plate comes with four whole nail patterns and 5 smaller images. The have item number 18782. All related to skulls and sort of punk design. As usual the image plate comes along with a blue protecting plastic layer. Easy to peal off.

The quality of the plate is very good. It didn't had any scratches and the patterns were deep enough to make a good and aswell acurate design. 

When you head over to their online store please feel free to use my coupon code at checkout. You get 10% off and it totally pays off. How doesn't want to save a little money?!

To show you how the different patterns from this image plate look I made you two different designs.

Keep clam it's Friday design

I wanted to make this design in a kind of British design, so with more or less colors of the flag.

Items used:

essence colour & go "199 wild white ways"
ANNY "142 woman in red"
LOOK by BIPA "15 deep sea"
Konad white stampy polish
NAILFUN red stampy polish

I painted my thumb red, my index finger blue, my middle finger white, my ring finger white and my pinkie again blue. This was the base for my inspiration. I like the "Keep calm it's Friday" pattern the most. It's totally cute and it reminded me of the British flag. With the white stamping polished I stamped the pattern on my index finger and with the red one the pattern on my middle finger. On the other three fingers I painted diagonal towards the tip to get this sort of frenchy design and added a rhinestone in the middle. 

I have to say I'm not 100% happy with it. I don't know why and I can't specify what exactly doesn't fit for me but I already have other creations with this pattern in my head which I will post shortly - just to compare because I thought that it's maybe because of the colors I chose or with the kind of french style nails. I like the stamped pattern a lot and I can't find a mistake in my two stamped fingers so my problem lies somewhere else. 

What do you think of those?

Time for design #2.

Violet marshmallow meets skulls

I like those little skulls pretty much but I didn't want to do it black and white, a bit more girly version so I went for a marshmallow kind of nude color and violet. It's actually chrome but after I added the top coat the chrome effect wasn't visible anymore.

Items used:

essence I <3 TRENDS "05 pure soul"
b.pretty "3 the big chrome theory"

I think this design doesn't need a lot of words. Basically all I did was painting my nails in this nude color and stamped the pattern with the b.pretty chrome polish on it. 

After taking those pictures I saw that the studs which I got aswell PERFECTLY fit to this design. So the review will be up by the end of the weekend because I won't be at home till Sunday but in case you want to know which studs they are, they are item #17230.


  1. Wow - sehr schöne Designs!
    Die Chrome Lacke von b.pretty hab ich auch - die sind der Wahnsinn! Hab ich schon brav weiterempfohlen und bis jetzt war jeder begeistert.

    1. Ja die sind echt klasse. Von den anderen von b.pretty bin ich ja eigentlich nicht so der Fan aber die sind wirklich toll.

  2. I love the stamping with the skulls! It's great that you picked soft colours for it and I love it in combination with those studs :)

  3. Both of these are stunning! I really love how bright and colourful your first manicure is but the skull manicure is beautiful - such a lovely idea to go for delicate shades rather then black and white. Looks fabulous! :) xx