Mar 10, 2015

[REVIEW] Bornprettystore metal nail decoration

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion. 

Time for item number 2 which I got from bornprettystore to review. You can find the first review here

Those studs are item #17230 and they come in such a round box like this. First thing I did was sorting all the colors to check out what I got and which colors I have to expect.

From the pic of their website I expected a rather dark mix but I got lots of different pastel shades. It's perfect for spring and I can't complain about it. There are a total of 10 different colors in my box and different amounts of the colors ranging from 12 to 2. 

As always please feel free to use my discount code SSUNX31 to get a 10% discount at their online store.

I also did two design with these studs to show you like I did the other day with the stamping plate. 

Items used:

essence colour & go "199 wild white ways"
KIKO #625
gold striping tape
metal nail decoration by bornprettystore

The start was painting all my nails in the blue/green shade by KIKO. It was part of the mirror nail lacquer LE (btw this polish is amazing for stamping). In the middle of each nail I made a white stripe and placed golden striping tape on the borders to get a clear and defined edge. Last step was placing the studs on the nail. 

The studs are quite big and you probably need a rather large dot of nail glue to keep them on your nails throughout the day. 

Design number two is a rather simple one where I don't have to say much about it. I chose this design because I'm so in love with the red polish I used and I think this design looks so freaking elegant which I totally fell in love with. 

The polished I used here is Zoya - Posh/Mat it's an amazing polish from the matte velvet lacquer edition with I ordered at

As before I stuck the studs with a bit of nail glue on my nails. Can you imagine that this is only ONE layer of this fantastic polish?!

The studs look amazing on this polish. It looks so glamorous. I really love these studs. The golden border is really my thing. Normally I wouldn't have combined gold to pastel colors but here I really like this. Especially together with the red Zoya polish. 

Review number 2 is done. Tomorrow it's time for review number three so don't forget to come to my blog again.


  1. I love both designs, but the second design is so classy! I also love that Zoya polish on you :)

  2. Danke für dein liebes Kommentar! Ich bin schon gespannt, wie dir Flormar gefällt. Hoffe, du bist auch so begeistert wie ich. Freue mich schon auf einen Blogpost von dir!
    Das Design gefällt mir übrigens ausgesprochen gut! Diese Art von Rhinestones hat schon was!

    1. Ja diese Steinchen sind mal ganz was anderes über die Alltagstauglichkeit lässts sichs streiten