Mar 13, 2015

[REVIEW] Bornprettystore high heels, lipstick and lips water decals

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion. 

Last item for review are super cute high heels, lipstick and lips water decals. They are on a sheet with a total of 36 small and on the website of bornprettystore you can find them when you look for item #17731

Are you ready? Time to look how good those stickers are and how they work.

Items used

catrice "C01 alluring red" from the metallure LE
Urban Outfitters "wanderlust"
essence colour & go "199 wild white ways"
cup with room temperature water
a pair of scissors
dotting tool

Well actually it's pretty easy to handle water decals. So nothing you have to be affraid of. I started with painting each nail in the color I wanted it. My thumb and my ring finger got a white base because I wanted to place the water decals there. The Urban Outfitters polish is a rather matte polish with glitter particles and little chunks in it and I wanted to have it on my middle finger. It dries really quickly so after about a minute I took a dotting tool and painted a little heart in one corner. The remaining two nail were painted in this fantastic red polish.

Now let's head over to the water decals. I already used decals a couple of times and I'm so in love with the method and the way the stick on your nails. They are totally thin and easy to put in place. You can find other designs with decals here and here

Basically all you have to do is cut out the heel or lipstick you want to place on your nails, peel off the protecive layer and put it into water for about 10 seconds. Then it's easy to slip the pattern on your nail and place it where you want to have it. You can move it until it's dry so you have some time to find the best place for it. I always dry it with a q-tip or a cotton pad so that the decals stays where it belongs.

I think decals are so so much better than stickers and I'm always happy with the result. You always have to seal the design with a layer of top coat. Not only to make your decals last longer but also because top coat makes your nails look much more shiny and perfect.

To all the ladies out there who are as clumsy as I am. Buy yourself Urban Outfitter polish. They are literally indestructible. It fell down the marble steps and nothing happened! Every other bottle of polish would have already been destroyed and would have ruined the walls but this bottle only got one little scratch and nothing else. Thanks God because I really love this polish and you can't buy them here were I live. 

But not only Urban Outfitter polish is amazing, those decals are as well perfect. There are so many different cute little heels and lipsticks on there I really had a hard time chosing. The possibilies were just too big hahaha. 

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