Mar 11, 2015

[REVIEW] Bornprettystore full water decals

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion. 

Hello everyone! Time for the next review for bornprettystore. They send me these AMAZING full water decals and I was so so so curious to try them out. First of all if you want to check this out immediately click here or search of item #17400

I ordered those because I really like water decals. I don't know if you have tried them out yet but they are so easy to use and look amazing on the nails (For more details and also other designs click here and here). They are much thinner than stickers and they don't curve or peel off easily. You can also rearrange them on the nails and look for the best position to place it. 

However. This package comes with 5 different patterns, a nail file and a stick for an easy application. The decals actually look a lot darker online. Each sheet consits of 14 different patterns in different sizes so you'll find definately some for your nail size too.  

I tested these decals the whole weekend so later I can also show you the result what those decals look after 4 days. I first tried out the violet ones (bottom right). They fit perfectly to my outfit and also fit the the "cosmic space" motto of a party I went to. 

I think it's time for some pictures of my nails, what do you think?

This is the design on my left hand. The application was pretty simple. You cut out the size which fits best to the nail where you want to apply it, peel off the protective layer and but it into water for about 15 seconds. You can then apply it on your nail easily. As mentioned above you can still slide them around on your nail until they are dry. When I'm happy withthe placement I always pat it dry with a q-tip or a cotton pad. 

I first tried to place the decals directly on my nails but it didn't work out the way I wanted it. When I applied the top coat, the whole decals came off in one piece after 2 seconds. Then I tried to apply one layer of base coat and then placed the decal on it and it worked out perfectly.

So a hint from my side:

tip: apply a layer of polish before you apply the decals to make the decal last much longer

Runnig around with water decals only on one hand wouldn't be nice I also placed them on my right hand too.

The next time I will try to take a white polish as a base to see if the color of the decals pops out more. All in all the application was pretty easy to do, so even if you aren't talented in doing nails these decals absoluly make your nails looks amazing. 

Because I wanted my mani last as long as possible and because it was also recommended I topped everything off with one layer of top coat.

I wasn't really sure what was on my scedule for the weekend, because I was staying three days at a friend's place one and a half hour from home I had to chose something which really protects my design. That's why I chose a gel top coat by Sally Hansen.

It's a rather small bottle which was part of nail stickers I onces got from a friend. You need a UV lamp for it but it really lasts longer.

And here is the result after four days of wearing it:

I REALLY did a lot with my hands, well no garden work or washing the dishes but other then this really really much and a lot. You can only see a bit on the tips on my left hand, but other than this this hand still looks good to me. 

It looks a bit different on my right hand. There you see much more on the tips but for me it was totally fine and I'm totally satisfied with it. 

The last thing I wanna tell you is: GO AND GET THOSE WATER DECALS. I love the designs and the quality and definately something you need for a bad nail day or when you're suffering of a lack of creativity or when you want to do something quite quickly. They last very good and the application is really easy as already mentioned. Go and get those decals. You will love them. 


  1. These do indeed look awesome! I love the patterns on them, really cool!