Mar 14, 2015

50 shades of grey chevron nails

This time I got my inspiration from a picture I found on Pinterest. I was linked back to this side so I guess she did the design previously. 

I wanted to do something freehand which fits for a easy night out without much glamour but nevertheless something eyecatching. 

Items used:

china glaze "celtic sun"
KIKO #328
KIKO #380
color club "where's the soiree"
nail art striper

First of all I started painting everything in this fantastic yellow shade called "celtic sun". It's a neon and bright yellow perfectly for such sunny and warm days like it was today.

I still struggle a bit taking pictures of neon colors so this shade looks much much brighter and neon. It glows under UV light so totally amazing polish. This was the base as said and with a nail art stiper I painted line by line to get this chevron kind of style. 

This is actually all I can say to this design. It wasn't as hard as I expected doing it and I kept on looking at my nails the whole day. Unfortunatelly I didn't paint it so good on my right hand hahahaha. To paint something with my weaker hand is still something I have to learn.

Wish you all a nice weekend. Hope you enjoy it!