Feb 14, 2015

Valentine's day nails - stripes, hearts and love

Happy Valentine's day my loves! Sorry but I have to keep this post short today. I'm not feeling quiet well and I can't wait to finally go to bad. I fear I cought a flu.

So those are my Valentine's nails this year and it's also day 13 for #nailartchallengefeb. I know you hardly can see it but on my ring finger there's actually standing love.

Items used:

KIKO #475 from the sun show LE
Color Club "French Tip"
Zoya "Poshmat"
nail art striper
studs from bornprettystore (for a 10% discout use my coupon code SSUNX31)

I painted my thumb and my pinkie with the matte Zoya polish and stuck the heart on. With the white polish I painted my ring finger and when the polish was dry, I took a small nail art striper and outlined the nail with the red polish. My index and middle finger were painted in this beautiful shimmering blue shade. All the details, like the stripes, the hearts and the love were also painted with the nail art striper.

Hope you all enjoy your day with your loved ones! I now can't wait to jump under my cozy blanket and take a nap. 


  1. Oh I hope you'll feel better soon! It sucks to be sick, I always forget how much it sucks and then I remember it when I actually get sick :( You did a super cute design though! I especially love those big hearts you stuck on your nails :)

    1. Thank you so much Robin! I feel better a bit now but still not 100%. It's always the same when I have holidays. I often get sick then.