Feb 5, 2015

The freaking leopard is in love

I'm totally in animal print nails lately. This design is inspired by @nailtale but because it's February and Valentine's day is about to come I thought I spread my love and paint heart shaped leopard patterns on it.

Items used:

China Glaze "Capacity to see beyond"
S-he #297
essie "big spender"
essence colour & go "150 upper green side"
white base
black acrylic paint
make up sponge
dotting tool

I started with painting all my nails white to give the gradient a good and solid base. I always use the colour intensifying base by essence called "wild white ways". When it was dry i made a gradient using a make up sponge and the colours yellow, green and blue. If you want to know how a gradient is made please check out this post. With a dotting tool I made small pink stains and hearts on he gradient and painted randomly. The last step was adding top coat. This one is a rather new (for me) which I'm currently testing. It's the "sealing top coat" by essence.

I know this isn't appropriate to the season again but I don't really care hahaha. I really love to wear light and bright colors which pop out.

1 comment:

  1. Who cares for season appropriate when your nail art is so cheerful!! I love this! I did a Valentine's day leopard print last year but I still haven't started on Valentine's designs this year oops. I also loooove how your gradient turned out, so perfect!