Feb 1, 2015

Simple valentine's nails in nude and pink

Are you all ready for Valentine's day? It's already February again. Who would have thought that time goes by so fast? The first month of 2015 is already over. 

This is a simple and easy mani, which is done within a couple of minutes. I saw this design on Instagram at @vasnailart's page. 

Items used:

catrice "my APPricot"
china glaze "bottoms up"
essie "big spender"

I painted every nail in this beautiful nude color of catrice. When it was dry I painted this half circles, heart shaped patterns on the tips in the lighter pink. When this layer was dry I made the same pattern with the darker pink color just underneigh the light pink shape, leaving a thin border. 


  1. This is such a cute manicure!! I really need to get started on some Valentine's Day designs, time just flies by so fast!!

    1. Would love to see your creations! Way too fast. Only 11 months left til 2016 :P