Feb 17, 2015

[NEW IN] Oh, it's a nailmail!

What's a better method to brighten up your day then getting a nailmail in the morning?! Well the correct answer is: THERE IS NO! hahahahaha I ordered those things last week at Nailland Hungary and they are already here. They really have a quick delivery and super customer service because I had some difficulties ordering. I just couldn't switch to English at checkout. I don't know if I was too stupid or it just didn't work. 

Well, nevertheless here is what i ordered. 

3 polishes of China Glaze
- light my tiki
- hybrid
- celtic sun

2 stamping polishes by Mundo de Uñas
- lemon tree
- turquoise

5 stamping plates of MoYou London
- Fashionista 07
- Holy Shapes 01
- Holy Shapes 04
- Cookbook 07
- Cookbook 10

I'd like to start with the MoYou London stamping plates. I'm quite into stamping lately and I just had to order some new stamping plates for me.

As you probably all know is this fantastic stamping plates come in cute little sleeves like this and are covered with this typical blue fois which you can peel off easily. It's just there for protection, so the surface doesn't get any scratches - at least until it arrives.

After pealing the blue foil off that's how shiny these plates look.

I was really longing to get those cute little cupcakes and sweets patterns from the Cookbook edition. My sister is quite into baking and I somehow thought of her when I saw them and had to buy them immediately. 

Can't wait to finally try those little cute patterns. I love those little cute cupcakes the most.

Next plates which definately had to go in my shopping cart were the rather new Holy Shapes plates.


Finally I wanted to have this beautiful Fashinista plate, because I was already looking for nice ornaments for a couple of time. Something which looks a bit baroque and elegant.

Any patterns you want to see first? Let me know down below. 

Time to continue with the two stamping polishes I ordered. Those are my first Mundo de Uñas polishes but I already heard a lot of them so that's why I decided to order two shades. 

I was rather surprise by their texture. It somehow reminds me of chewing gum and it's really hart and somehow sticky or chewy. I guess it should be like this and I'm curious how they work when you use them for stamping. Have you every tried those polishes? Do you like them?

And because I was so happy with the China Glaze polishes I got in Dezember I had to order three more which were all in sale.

So this was actually it what I got from Nailland Hungary. Can't wait to try everything out. 


  1. Ah, was für ein wunderbarer Einkauf!! Ich freu mich schon sehr auf deine Designs mit den MoYou Plates. Auch bin ich gespannt, wie es dir mit den MDUs geht. Ich hab mir denen noch ein paar Schwierigkeiten, aber es wird immer besser!

    1. Also mit dem türkisen hab ich auf den swatchsticks schon Probleme. Sieht aus wie ein Cracking Lack. Also der ist voll brüchig...

  2. Ooh I love the stamping plates you got!! That's really one of the things I want to buy more for myself because I love stamping a lot :)

    1. Yes me too although I'm not a pro yet. Just discovered recently how easy it is to create something amazing with this technique.