Feb 18, 2015

Negative space geometric nails

Hello dolls! I'm already feeling much better so I thought time to show this fabulous negative space mani today.

I actually wore this design the whole weekend. I know it was Valentine's day and that I should have worn something more girly with much more pink, red or glitter but I wasn't in mood for it. Well actually it wasn't about my mood, more about the occation.

On Friday evening I was invided to a birthday party in a casino, so I had to wear something elegant. Although I knew what I would wear that day already a couple of days before, I couldn't find the time to do my nails so that if fits perfectly my skirt and my top. In general it wouldn't be difficult to do my nails just like my top looked. It was a nude top with lace. Very classy and elegant. Well, Friday came and I knew we're leaving home in about an hour and I still had to pack my things, because I knew we're spending the night at a friend's place. That's why I only had time to do something simple in the same exact colors as my top was. 

I wanted to create something like a negative space design on my nails with a matte and shiny effect. As mentioned already a couple of times it's at the moment really my favorite thing. So this design was quickly and easily made with a nail art striper and although I was quite in a hurry they turned out amazing as I think.

Items used:

catrice "39 black to the routes"
essie "matte about you"
essence I <3 TRENDS "09 you're so beautiful"
nail art striper

The first thing I did was painting all my nails with two coats of essie - matte about you. My nails looked very matte then and I don't know why but they also looked a bit glittery. Then it was time for my nail art striper. With lots of concentration I first painted all the nude details on my nails. When it was dry I added another layer of the matte top coat. Again after a couple of minutes when everything was dry I painted the black lines around the nude triangle and as well one black line between the two nude lines on my tip. That's all it took to make this nail design and for me it looked fantastic. I don't know why I was so in love with it because actually it's nothing fancy but some times the simple things look just better as anything complicated.

So Friday passed and I got a couple of compliment on my nails like "Sabrina, how do you always make your nails fit exactely your look?! It's amazing". I always love it when people notice how much afford I put in my nail designs to match my outfit on special occations. That's something which is important to me. And this brings me to Saturday.

Saturday while driving home I got a call telling me that somebody would have two free entry tickes for one of the bigges and most elegant ball here in this region and if my boyfriends and I want to go there Saturday evening. "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth" that's what my English teacher always said. So we came home, redressed ourselfs and went out again. But my elegent dress is blue, what should I do now?! Well needless to say my nails had to fit again. So I took again a striping brush and picture polish - jade, which is EXACTLY the color of my dress and painted some lines around my black lines. 

And voilá my nails again fit my outfit hahaha. There wasn't much time for doing more. In case you want a proof, below you can see my nails and my dress. Isn't it the perfect shade for it?

That was it. That's what my Valentine's day was all about. Hope you like my designs and my attempt in making a negative space sort of geometric nails. Wish you all a happy Wednesday!

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