Feb 8, 2015

Gradient heart

I know I'm two days late because actually gradient heart should be posted on day 6 (#nailartchallengefeb) but I had to go to Slovenia and Croation from Thursday till yesterday so I didn't have the time to post it. 

Thursday morning I woke up because somebody was calling me over and over again. When I finally was in the mood of picking up my phone I heard that there should be massive storms and snow approaching and I have to jump in my car immediately to drive to Croation because I had an important appointment there Friday morning. I already painted my gradient heart nails the evening before and because I didn't know when I come back from the trip I decided to take all the pictures right in the morning before leaving. So while I was packing my things and trying to find something to wear I grapped my camera and took the picture of my nails without even looking how the picture turned out. BIG MISTAKE! What I just had to learn. 

Today I finally had time to write the blog post for this design when I found out that almost all the pictures were blurred. So sorry sorry sorry but this post won't contain as many pictures as usuall and those I have don't really look the way I like it. 

My time in Croatia and Slovenia was great because there where I was were no storms or massive snow. It was quiet windy though. Nevertheless all the hurrying and taking quick pictures the morning was unnecessary.

Items used:

essence colour & go "104 sweet as candy"
essence colour & go "152 give me nude, baby!"
LOOK by bipa "lovely rose"
LOOK by bipa "purple pearl"
scotch tape
a pair of sissors
make up sponge

Painting all my nails white was the first thing I did. While I let everything dry completly (and with completly I really mean completly) I took a piece of scotch tape, folded it in the middle and cut out a heart. It's done just like you made it in primary school or even kindergarden. 

tip 1: before I fold it together I prefer to stick the scotch tape on my hand and whip it off again so it's easier to tear it apart later and if it's too strong it can also ruin your base color later

Afterwards I unfolded the take and stuck it on my index and middle finger. I pressed it really hard onto my nail so that no polish can go underneigh it. I sponged the gradient with a make up sponge on my nail. 

tip 2: use liquid latex or my self made peel off base coate to protect your cuticles. You will thank me later when you clean your fingers. 

tip 3: sponge your gradient two or three times to get a better look and immediately apply top coat after you have whiped off your scotch tape

So the two hearts are finished. Time for the other three nails. Here I sinply did a gradient which matches the heart. 

PS: I loved the idea by frankie.hunters.nails of putting tips and hints in the text. I thought I also try it for a white. What do you think of it? Is it useful? Do you like it or should I rather stop it?

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