Feb 13, 2015

[SWATCHES] Essence - "The Pastels"

As I promised you yesterday: Today is time for the swatches of essence I <3 TRENDS "The Pastels" edition 

Recap to yesterday. I was in my in my favorite make up store and those eight beauties went home with me:

from left to right
05 pure soul
09 you're so beautiful
11 nude, dos, tres!
07 hope for love

and 4 polishes of I <3 TRENDS "The Pastels"

from left to right
02 sun is smiling
03 i'm so fluffy
01 so lucky
07 bubble bath

All together there are 8 polishes in "The Pastels" collection. I didn't really like the pinks so I took those for beautiful shades. 

02 sun is smiling is a beautiful yellow matte shade. It reminds me so much of spring and summer. Btw the whole collection is matte. I would say a nice satin matte finish.

For me it's the perfect lemon shade. Really nice an juicy.

03 i'm so fluffy is the next polish of "The Pastels" which had to go home with me. It's a peachy shade.

Peaches are one of my favorite fruits and that's why I love this shade. You never go wrong with such a light shade in spring.

When you think of spring you think of nice green grass with full of colorful flowers. 01 so lucky is a matte green which is perfect for painting flowers on.

Last but not least is 07 bubble bath. This one is my favorite of "The Pastels".

It's the perfect light skyblue.

Here you can see all my pastels of the I <3 TTRNDS edition. On my middle finger is the pink shade of "The Nude" topped with essie - matte about you.

And because I was asked how the colors look with a shiny top coat on I have three more pictures for you.

How do you like this collection? Which one is your favorite?


  1. Sun is Smiling is definitely my favourite of these!! I have far too few yellow polishes in my stash and that one is just so bright and sunny!!

    1. Same for me. I have about 100 different shades of red but maybe 5 or 6 yellows :D