Feb 12, 2015

[SWATCHES] Essence - "The Nudes"

I was in town today and I couldn't resist in going to my favorite make up store to check out if they have the new polishes of the spring/summer collection by essence and YES THEY HAD. So I had to buy some of essence I <3 TRENDS edition because I was really curious about them.  

And this is what had to go in my trolley today:

4 polishes of I <3 TRENDS "The Nudes"

from left to right
05 pure soul
09 you're so beautiful
11 nude, dos, tres!
07 hope for love

and 4 polishes of I <3 TRENDS "The Pastels"

from left to right
02 sun is smiling
03 i'm so fluffy
01 so lucky
07 bubble bath

So now it's time to do some swatches. Today I start with "The Nudes" and tomorrow it's time for "The Pastels".

So all together were 12 different nude shades but a lot where already sold out and a couple of the colors just weren't my thing. So I went with those four beauties:

Number 1 from "The Nudes" collection was 05 pure soul. I'm looking for a marshmallow color for quiet a long time now but I'm picky with it. I would most love one which isn't so squishy and transparent and maybe fully covers with one of maximum two layers. 

This one is actually quite good. It's squichy but it covers with two thick coats and it's really nice and shiny. For me it has a perfect marshmallow color.

I was as well looking for a dupe or an alternative to essence - cookies & cream which was a limited edition I think about two years ago and it's just THE perfect nude color for me. I thought 09 you're so beautiful looks like a rather good alternative. 

When I applied it, it was love at first sight. I really love the color and as well the coverage. I guess it's going to be my nude number 2. The slight glittery touch in cookies & cream makes it a bit better than this one but this one is pretty close to perfection for me and really fits my skin tone as I think.

So better beware yourself, because I gonna use it a lot in future (maybe I should grap myself a second bottle right away!)

Next one is 11 nude, dos, tres! and I had to take it because the brown looked so warm and cozy and I fell in love with this shade immediately. 

I totally love it because what you see here is only one layer of this amazing polish. 

During making the pictures for these swatches I recognized that it's pretty similar to essie - mink muffin. For me it's totally a dupe and pretty much the exact same color. 

Here I took a picture with both polishes on.

On my pinkie and my ring finger you can see essie - mink muffin and on the other two is essence - I <3 trends 11 nude, dos, tres! What do you think of the comparison? It's pretty much the same right?! 

Here's the last nude I picked today. I myself wouldn't call this color nude and I took it because I wanted to have a rose polish fitting my "The Pastels". I know there are actually two roses in "The Pastels" collection but I wasn't really happy with them so I took 07 hope for love instead. 

It's really a nice pastel rose shade. Like a dusky, antique pink and definately worth buying.

So all in all I'm pretty happy with essence I <3 TRENDS "The Nudes" collection and happy with all the polishes I bought today. See you tomorrow with the swatches of essence I <3 TRENDS "The Pastels".

Which one is your favorite? Should I buy aswell other nudes from this collection! Would love to read your comment down below.


  1. Ooh these all look really nice! My favourite is Pure Soul, I always like good off-whites!! I must have a look in the shops soon ;) I look forward to seeing your swatches of the pastels!

    1. I can already tell you: those pastels are great. especially because they are matte

  2. Die Lacke sind wirklich toll, ich habe von Cosnove welche der The Pastels zum testen geschickt bekommen und war ziemlich begeistert :) Deinen Blog finde ich total hübsch, ich bin die Selli von Instagram ;D