Feb 2, 2015

Dotted heart mani

February is holiday time here. Semester break at university and because I don't have any exams left for my bachelor I have sooo much free time to do my nails. I decided to participate in another monthy challenge, just like I did in September but this time it's not one design every day, just every other day. 

So the theme today is dotted heart well and that's exactly what I did. I made a dotted heart on my index finger and some random dots on my other four. I prefer the mani without the heart but that's what it makes them follow the challenge hahahaha. 

Items used:

essence color & go "152 give me nude baby"
essence color & go "133 oh my glitter!"
Zoya "Savita"
catrice "31 even more heavy metallilac"
china glaze "givers theme"
dotting tools in different sizes

As a base I used a light white/cream color from essence. With two layer it doesn't really cover everything properly but that's what I liked. It a very light and subtile shade which is perfect. I took dotting tools in different sizes and dotted the different purple polishes from the cuticle area down wards but only half the nail. I let the tip in this beautiful white shade. The heart was also done with dotting tools and the purple shades until I was happy with the result. 

Actually I planned on doing this design in a shiny version, which looked like this:

Today was so cloudy that on one picture the sun was shining and in the next second it was dark again so unfortunatelly the lightning of the picture changes a bit. I'm really sorry. I'm longig so much for a good natural light lamp to take amazing pictures all the time and not to be dependend on the light outside. So dear family and friends, there is still some time until my birthday I know but in case you're looking for something you want to give to me, I totally love to get a good lamp for taking pictures of my nails. 

Well back to business, I wanted to see how this mani looks with a matte top coat so I took essie - matte about you and mattified the whole design.

The heart I prefer in the matte version because it looks smoother but I like the dotts more in the shiny version. What do you think is the best? 


  1. I love it mattified so much! That white polish looks so nice when it's matte. I also love how you placed the dots, it looks super fun!

  2. Das ist ja ein süßes Design - perfekt für Valentinstag. <3

    1. oh danke. Eigentlich bin ich überhaupt nicht so Valentinstag verrück in meinem "wirklichen Leben" aber auf den Nägeln hab ichs gern :D