Feb 27, 2015

Blue pastel nails with silver geometric details

I was thinking if I should post this design or not. I liked it a lot on my nails but it was so fancy or spetacular that I would have posted it. Well, this week I didn't have time to do my nails so I decided to post the picture below on Instagram and just see what the reaction is.

And BOOOOOOM! My feed was going crazy. I had three times more likes then average and so many nice comments and messages. I really didn't see this comming.

So because this design had so many likes on Instagram I said I have to post it here too. I actually did this after swatching "The Pastels" by essence. I wanted to practice my skills in painting lines with a nail art striper and I really liked, that almost all the lines are even and parallel to the other.

Items used:
essence I <3 TRENDS "07 bubble bath"
essence colour & go "141 icy princess" 
nail art striper

I guess this design doesn't need an explination but in case you wanna know, I painted all my nails in this blue matte shade by essence calles "07 bubble bath" from the new I <3 TRENDS edition "The Pastels". With a nail art striper and a silver metallic shade - icy princess - as well by essence I painted this little details on my nails which you can see in this picture below. I didn't use any top coat because otherwise it would ruin the matte and shiny effect between those two polishes.

I'm still wondering how this easy design could get soooo so many likes but I'm so glad you liked it. It means such a lot to me and it's so nice to get all the support here in the nail art community. 

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  1. Meistens sind es die einfachen Designs, die ganz viele Leute mögen. Bei mir ist das auch so. Dann ärgere ich mich ein bisschen, wenn ich für ein "Spezialdesign" ein paar Stunden investiert habe und bei einem Easydesign mehr likes bekomme =D