Feb 19, 2015

Baroque stamping nails

Hello my loves! After I got the nailmail from Nailland Hungary I could hold myself in trying out the new MoYou London stamping plates.

Today I started with a kind of baroque stamping design on my nails. I was longing to do somthing like this for a really long time now because I love this look so much. I'm planning on investing in better lens shortly. I really want to get a good makro lense to finally show you the whole beauty of this stamping. The pattern is just too fabulous but my current lense it not the best to capture it. 

Items used:

essence I <3 TRENDS The Nudes - 11 nude, dos, tres!
b.pretty "4 cinnachrome"
MoYou London "Fashionista 07"
studs from bornprettystore

(Why does b.pretty have to make nail polish bottles with pink caps?! This color combination is horrible. My eyes are bleeding. Well I know why it's pink, the whole shop is but haven't the designer of this polishes thought about that the color combination is a catastrophe? Well, at least for me.)

I already knew in the beginning, that I wanted to add studs on two of my nails. I own them in silver and gold and both colors didn't really fit my expectations. So my first step today was painting the studs in this nice bronze/pink chrome color and let it dry. The second thing I also new in the beginning was that I wanted to combine this chrome shade with something dark but not totally black. My choise fell quite quickly because this new 11 nude, dos, tres from the I <3 TRENDS edition by essence is simply amazing. I think it looks elegant together and today I was in mood for something elegant and classy. So brown became my base color and with MoYou London's Fashionister plate 07 I stamped the chrome baroque pattern on my nails. When added top coat I stuck the studs on my index finger and my pinkie. 


  1. Gorgeous!! I love how the colours fit so well together. That stamping pattern is SO pretty too! I really want to get a plate with baroque images like that :)

  2. So gorgeous! That pink on the taupe looks amazing. Elegant!