Feb 9, 2015

6 ways to rock your heart frenchy nails

Day 9 of #nailartchallengefeb arrived - time for some heart french mani. I didn't know what to do with that. I was going through my helmer with all my nail art stuff in it to find some inspiration, After a while I found french manicure creative tip guides by essence which I have at home quiet a long time but never tried them out. So this was the start for my today's journey.

Beware: This blog post contains a bazillion pictures!

Actually those 6 ways to rock your heart frenchy nails are 2 major designs with each 3 different variations.

So time for design number I:

I started by painting my nails in this fabulous copper holo polish by HEMA, a dutch brand. When it was completly dry I stuck the heart french tips on it. With a make up sponge I sponged a red and black gradient towards the tip. This simple and easy design was the result. 

Items used:

HEMA"Holographic Copper"
KIKO #445
Color Club "French Tip"
make up sponge

I liked the outcome but I still wasn't 100% happy with it...

... so I took my very thin nail art striper and Color Club - French Tip, my favorite white polish and outlined the heart shaped tip. This was actually the time when I came up with the idea of presenting you a couple of different designs which you can simply do with this tip guides.

So ladies and gentlemen, here comes design number II:

It's amazing how such a simple differenz can make you nail look totally new and for me this is definately my favorite.

This brings me to variation number III. I simply added a beautiful black rhinestone in the middle to make the nail even a bit more elegant. I personally really love rhinestones and bling bling on my nails

Those rhinestones are from bornprettystore. Feel free to use my coupon code SSUNX31 to get a 10% discount!

Enought of red and black. Time to change the colors a bit. This design came into my mind when I first stuck the nail vinyl on my nail and I immediately knew . I had to do this design too - design number IV

Items used:

Color Club "French Tip"
HEMA "Holographic Copper"

All of my fingers got a white base which I let dry completely. On my middle and ring finger as well as on my thumb I places the french tips in the middle of the nail and painted copper on both sides of the stickers. I pull the sticker off immediately after I finished one finger and applied top coat. 

It looked nice but quiet boring for me. There's always much going on on my nails so I added some silver studs again from bornprettystore to get look number V.

As I told you I really loved my nails number II. It was the first time where all my lines turned out the way I wanted it to, so I tried it as well for design number VI. 

Don't they look just like a nice café latte? The studs which I used before are now as well on my nails but I painted then with the copper I use for the other nails. Next the the studs and the lines in black the difference here is, that all the white is now covered with one layer of essence - space queen to make everything glittery. You can never have enough glitter in your life right?!

So now it's your turn to tell me which one is your favorite and which one you like the least!