Jan 23, 2015

Spring awakening! Pink floral nail design with studs

I was so in love with my design from yesterday and with the nail decoration from bornprettystore I had, had, haaaad to do another design with these studs. I was really disappointed that it didn't really get many likes on Instagram :(

This design is more floral and doesn't really fit in the season but time for some spring awakening. 

Items used:

china glaze "bottoms up"
essence color & go "141 icy princes"
essence color & go "175 be berry now"
KIKO #449
LOOK by BIPA "lovely rose"
silver nail studs by bornprettystore in three different sizes

Again I want to highlight, that if you order anything there feel free to use my coupon code SSUNX31 to get a 10% discount at checkout. They offer world wide free shipping and up to now all the things I ordered were great!

So this is what I came up with, The pink polish from china glaze was part of the giveaway I won. I have to confess that I probably won't wear it so often in public because it's so freakin' neon pink. Don't get me wrong I love the color but for me too much pink for going outside. I'm no girly girl and I don't like to wear pink things because I think they make me look like a barbie (my hair are naturally blond. very very very blond. almost white) and I don't like to look like one. 

So all I need to do for this design is painting my thumb, my pinky and my pointer finger in pink. One coat almost was enough but I prefer always two coats for a good coverage. My other two nails became silver metallic. Afterwards I took a tiny nail art brush and painted little rose and darker pink circles on them. I try to make them in different sizes and not perfectly shaped. With another even smaller brush I painted little dots and lines which should then look like the different leaves of the rose with a lighter/darker color. Finally I took the green and painted little leaves. At the end I stuck the studs on the nails which really stick very well only on the topcoat without using nail glue. 

After an hour I wasn't so happy with the roses anymore. It was so girly and so I decided to try out a bit more "rocking" design with painting the middle and the ring finger black and also putting some studs on them.

Which design do you prefer? I simply can't decide. 


  1. I love both!! You are seriously rocking it with these studs :D Your roses look so good, but I also like the edgier version with the black :)

    1. Thank you so much Robin! I can't get enough of your nice words ;)

  2. Die Nieten sind richtig cool und beide Looks richtig toll! :)