Jan 27, 2015

Rockabilly nails

Christmas was already long time ago. I got three amazing MoYou London stamping plates as a present from my best friend and up to now I didn't even had the time to try them out so today was the day where I finally had timet.

She got me those three plates and I can't say which one I love the most.

Time Traveler - Back to the 20s - 03
Hipster - 04

First I couldn't decide with which patter to start but after some thinking I came up with the idea of doing a rockabilly inspired nail art.

Items used:

color club "Sugarplum Fairy"
Manhattan #44S
color club "Where's the soiree"
color club "French Tip"
Konad white stamping polish
essence nail art stampy polish black
essie "matte about you"
MoYou London ip "Time Traveler - Back to the 20s - 03"
MoYou London ip "The Pro - 01"
MoYou London ip "Hipster - 04"
nail art brush

First I painted by thumb red, my pointer finger white, my middle finger silver glittery, my ring finger white and my pinkie black. With the white stamping polish and the The Pro - 01 plate I started off with stamping dots on my pinkie and let it dry. I topped my pinkie with "matte about you" from essie to get a matte effect. Due to the fact that I needed a big nail to stamp a suit on, I chose my thumb for it so on top of the red polish I stamped the suit with a black polish. I found this suit on  Time Traveler - Back to the 20s - 03. On my ring finger I stamped the hair of a woman from the Hipster - 04 plate. The lips on my pointer finger are hand painted and this was my final step here before applying top coat on all my nails except of my pinkie. 

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