Jan 22, 2015

[REVIEW] Leopard print nails with studs from bornprettystore

Items provided for honest review. Nothing what so ever can change my personal opinion. 

Hey my lovlies!

Sorry for beeing so quiet for such a loooong time. It's my first post of this year so I wish you a Happy New Year! Lots of love, luck and success and everything else you wish for! 

This year already began quiet stressful for me. I'm about to finish my bachelor degree and I finished all my exams (luckily every single one with success) and now only my bachelor thesis is missing which I already finished writing but I'm just to shy to hand it in. 

When there was a sunny day and I didn't had to study I had to go on the mountain. I'm a huge skiing fan and I enjoy every minute I spend on my ski. So my nail were really really neglicted. They still didn't really grow and they keep breaking so this nails are still fakies buuuut they are getting better. So in the next days you will see my real nails again. 

Anyway, as I told you here, I got again some nice goodies from bornprettystore for review. On my todays agenda are these fantastic nail art decoration studs in gold and silver. 

You can find those studs here. They are item #17227 and if you use my coupon code SSUNX31 you get a 10% discount at checkout. 

As told they come in silver and gold and six different sizes so a total of 12 different decoration studs. The smaller the studs get the more studs are in the little box. So I can't even tell you the exact amount of all the studs. In my whole box is no single stud is broken or damaged which I think is a huuuuuge plus. Sometimes I buy things like these here in stores and once I already had to throw away a half full wheel because they where akwardly shaped or broken or without color or what ever. So these items come alonge in a really fantastic quality and I can't take my eyes off of them.

I was longing for studs like this for already quiet a long time. The mani I did today was on my to-do list like forever and I was so happy to finally create it. 

Items used:

china glaze "custom kicks"
essence "162 dare it nude"
catrice "39 black to the routes"
catrice "910 oh my goldness!"
golden studs from bornprettystore in the second smallest size 

Actually I started with painting all my nails turquoise because I couldn't really decide how to start. Then I started to paint the nude color on parts of the nails and when I was happy with the thickness I started to painted leopart print on it with golden accents in the middle. On the borders, where the two different patterns meet I stuck these little decorations on and voilá!

Enjoy the rest of my pictures!


  1. I LOVE THESE!!! I love everything about them! The bright turquoise, the leopard print, the gold studded borders! <3 These are definitely nails I would want to wear too :D

  2. Wahhh - die schauen super aus!
    Ich glaub ich muss auch mal so etwas in dieser Art probieren. Bin ganz verliebt!!

    1. Danke danke! Ich war auch ganz verliebt! Ich kann mir die Bilder immer und immer wieder durchsehn! Ich bekomm einfach nicht genug davon standen echt ewig auf meiner to-do Liste. Auf Insagram kamen sie leider nicht so gut an