Jan 24, 2015

[REVIEW] Fluorescent neon stickers from bornprettystore

Last item for review of bornprettystore. I was looking forward to trying out this fantastic "Newly Fluorescent Lacy Grids Design Nail Art Water Decals" as I ordered them. Yes you read right, I ordered water decals. 

Do you remember the blue water decals from bornprettystore which I already showed you? There I also complained about that I ordered water decals but there was "3D stickers" standing on the packaging. Well luckily only the lable was wrong and they were water decals but here, this story turned out the other way. I was expecting water decals and when I saw the packaging I thought nooo, not again a wrong label but here unfortunatelly the lable was right. It turned out that my ordered water decals really were stickers. I'm no huge fan of stickers in generel but let's give it a try.

Those stickers are item #16998 and if you use my coupon code SSUNX31 to get a 10% discount. Every different item of those stickers consits of 4 different patterns. 

I decided to go for LY010 but pattern LY001 was sent to me. No big drama for me. I also like it very much, would have been my second choice. Unfortunatelly I was so excited when I opened the item so I forgot to take a picture first, I hope you forgive me. So these are the remaining 3 patterns, the 4th one you can see on my nails. 

They are quiet small so I couldn't stick them on the whole nail and the lenghs was only enough for 4 of my nails. The thumb had to stay naked. 

Items used:

Ruby Wing "Groupie"
Models Own "Luis Lemon"
silver striping tape
white foundation

I started by painting all my nails white foundation to let the neon color pop out and because the nail art stickers are transparent so you can see the white base looking through. Then I placed the stickers where I wanted to have them, so right in the middle of the nail. On the left and the right side of them I painted pink and yellow as you can see on the picture, the thumb just stayed pink because I didn't had any stickers anymore, although I didn't waste one single millimeter. Lastly I sticked striping tape on the edges of the stickers because it looked crap otherwise because the sticker started to peel off already. Maybe it was my fault and I did something wrong...

At least the promised fluorescent effect was amazing but just take a look for yourself. 

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