Jan 30, 2015

beYOUtiful nails

Hey sweeties!

Today I made a design which I already did once but it's already such a long time ago. I think it was the first picture I uploaded on Instagram and I was really proud of them back them because it was the first time I did something with a nail art brush. After two months I deleted it again because, well I don't know why. I guess I wasn't so proud anymore as I was before.

Both of the designs, the old one and today's design are a recreation of @chorubim. A couple of days ago I saw this design by @kleponkuning,  Her work with the gradient and the letters was so amazing that it had to recreate it. 

Items used:

china glaze "capacity to see beyond"
LOOK by BIPA "lovely rose"
she #297
color club" French tip"
nail art brush
nail art sponge

I started with painting all my nails white to get a good base. With my make up sponge I made a gradient on all my nails except the middle finger. If you want to know how this works check out this post

To prevent a heavy mess on my cuticles when doing I gradient I always use my self made peel of base coat, which you also can use on your cuticles. You apply it, let it dry and after doing the gradient you can peel it off easily. When the gradient and the blue polish, which I applied on my middle finger, was dry I took my nail art brush and painted the letters on it. Somehow the you turned out way more complicated then I first thought it would be.

I especially love the message behind this nail. Just be you! You're beautiful just like the way you are! For me it was always important to stay who I am and I think I most of the time managed it. I like who I became and I can say that I'm proud of myself and how I handeled all the strugles I had to go through. 

Do you like how and who you are? Or do you have to pretend to be someone different? Would love to hear your storys in the comments!