Dec 22, 2014

My prizes finally arrived. Jippy yeah!

My guest went back home which means I finally have time again to do my nails. Feels like ages since I did my nails. Buuuuut my nails still need to wait a bit. Today arrived my prizes I won at a giveaway hosted by sparklicious_nails. 365nailart was so kind to provide a 50$ voucher for their online shop. I wanted to try out some new brands, at least they are new to me. I've never tried Zoya and China Glaze before so these polishes were the first in my cart and because essie polishes were really cheap they also had to go in my cart. In the end my shipping costs were almost as high as my voucher and I had to pay them myself but it's still a lot cheaper then buying these polishes here. 

I was head over heels when they arrived but unfortunatelly my nails still keep breaking and breaking. So, until now they aren't ready for swatching so I only did the swatches on my swatch sticks. 

I was the most curious about Zoya polishes. I heard so much about this brand before and all seem so enthusiastic about it. 

I went for two matte laquers called "SAVITA" (violet) and "POSH/MAT" (red) and one turqouise one with tiny glitter particles in it named "ZUZA".

All of them were applied with only one layer and they have a full coverage so they really are awesome!

Second brand I was really curious about was China Glaze. Until now I never found them here in any store and I always like to have a variety of brand in my polish collection

I know those polishes aren't seasonal at the moment but I always prefer colorful, bright polishes. Here I chose "CAPACITY TO SEE BEYOND" (light blue), "GIVERS THEME" (violet), "BOTTOMS UP" (pink) and "CUSTOM KICKS" (petrol). 

All of them were applied with two layers. 

Last but not least are my four new essies. They were about 4$ each so really really cheap in comparison to here.  

Until now my essie collection is rather small. I think I have two (braziliant which is now already out of stock and lilacism). Those two I have are great but before I already had some which were totally shit. I didn't like the formula, especially for the price. Nevertheless welcome to my family "BIG SPENDER" (pink), "MINK MUFFS" (brown), "SHAKE YOUR $$ MAKER" (green), "MADEMOISELLE" (peachy/rose)

The pink and the brown one already looked great with only one layer but I still applied them in two just to have a full coverage. For the green one I needed three thick layers and the peachy one still didn't fully cover after the fifth layer. 

So thank you very much for the prizes. I really love the polishes. All of them. Can't wait to try them out on my real nails.


  1. These all look so great! I love your picks, I have never tried Zoya or China Glaze either so I would definitely have picked some of those! And wow, Essie for $4!! I have to check out that online store ;)

    1. you totally have to! the shop is really great although the shipping somehow took quiet a long time but that's not because of the shop just due to the fact that the shop is situated in the USA and shipping always takes some time when something is comming from the US to Austria